Looking to join a wolf pack

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Broken Sky KN
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Looking to join a wolf pack

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Hey guys! My name is Sky, and I'm looking to join a wolf pack(as said in title). Any recommendations? I am in one currently, but am looking to join another. :D

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Re: Looking to join a wolf pack

Post by TheWildThing »

Good evening,

X-Rogue Warriors is always looking for some new, friendly faces to join our pack if you are still interested!

Further information can be found at this topic: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=960

If you happen to have any further questions or would like to join, one of our Alphas would be happy to assist you!

~ WildThing XRW Delta
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Re: Looking to join a wolf pack

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BOS are looking for new members always if you are interested 😊 we would be glad to have you join us
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Re: Looking to join a wolf pack

Post by Sassysadie23 »

Are u guys still recruiting?

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