Searching For Packs

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Searching For Packs

Post by Tony_933 »

Hello my name is Tony! I’ve been playing this game for a bit of time now but I’ve never been in a pack before. So I’m looking for a packs that will recruit me. If you can’t then that’s okay :)

Name: Tony
Gender: Female
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Level: 36
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Re: Searching For Packs

Post by BOREALIS »

Hi! XRW is currently looking for members if you would like to join. :)

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Re: Searching For Packs

Post by Indigooo »

Hi Tony! I’m Indigo, I’ve been playing for awhile also, and I just started my own pack! Looking for some people, if you want to join! :) PM or KIK me! IxLikexDuckehs
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Re: Searching For Packs

Post by BOS Alpha YE03 TDKw »


If you are interested BOS is currently recruiting 😉
(Brotherhood of Steel)

Thank you ☺
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