TDKw Recruitment Now Open!

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TDKw Recruitment Now Open!

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If you would like to join TDKw we would be glad to get more members! We have A lot of members already and are looking to get alot more.. If you are interested please reply to my post and I will get back to you


1- Over level 30
2- Good History
3- Version 1.5.2 (The Wolf)
4- Great behavior
5- Abilities to help in wars

Feel free to ask me questions if you need help.

How the pack goes:

We are an all for one pack, defensive and brawny. We always come help a member if they need help in a server, we are respectful to everyone (unless wars) and we always play around with one another ;)

Note: Sometimes I make YouTube videos with the pack and make full servers with TDKw 😏

Thank you!

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