Bad Players

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Bad Players

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today I'm here to talk about the actions of people that have been bad but hilariously funny :lol:

Top 3 worst players (dirty and lowlife)

1: The Weeknd. Issues: harrases and disrespects everyone, violates games rules (leaves before death, port blocks, runs to den, insults when someone kills him, etc...)

2: Ketsiana (aka Zizi, Arizona and has 17K hp). Issues: Tries to break packs apart, brags about how strong she is and claims she mods, she says she is going to hack people and TARGET them when she gets upset, she used to be HeL alpha an at the moment VIVA/ADD alpha.

3: Air force 12k. Issues: Air Force tries to make people kill themselves over a game, goes around insulting everyone including very strong people, very salty behaviour.

Please watch out for these people ☺ ty
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Re: Bad Players

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I could come up with a whole list of trouble users who do nothing but what The Weeknd does. I usually just give them a taste of their own medicine. ;)
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Re: Bad Players

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Yes there are many wolves in the game who play very dirty and there are packs of wolves lead by these dirty players and it's really not fair to the players who are following them because they end up doing exactly what they're dirty Alphas do
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