Why does everyone go after weak?

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Why does everyone go after weak?

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I am here today to explain. Why do high levels target level 40s? It is very rude but people just want exp, that kinda of upsets me because low levels try to get 50 but cannot because of these players... I just wish theirs could be ways to level up allot faster because I see allot of low levels being killed by 10ks that are way stronger than them.. I just think it is unfair to them I hope this stops because some people have quit over this

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Re: Why does everyone go after weak?

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The scenario you just mentioned would be impossible - the lowest level Level 50s can see in PVP are Level 45s. But yes, I do agree that something should be done. Maybe people could be separated by their attributes. However, this idea might keep friends from seeing each other, which is where another idea comes into play: private/hosted servers.

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Re: Why does everyone go after weak?

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I don't think they're necessarily targeting them all the time but it's a good strategy to get them first to get the higher players so they don't end up taking so much of your health.
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