How to define a "steal" of killing?

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How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by HelloWolf »

Dear players,
I like to collect all your opinions on "how to share a prey".

Most of the players play in peace, but some players take "steal" seriously.
I saw a lot of argument in the game.
As everyone has different opinion on what means a "steal", the conditions can be:
1. 1st player is "watching" the prey, waiting for skills to power up, 2nd player starts to kill
2. both 1st and 2nd players are very close to the prey, 1st player starts the kill, 2nd player joins the kill - in very short time
3. 2nd player joins the kill in the middle of the killing
4. 2nd player joins the kill in the end of the killing
5. 2nd player wait and use FC to take the final killing attack
6. when 2nd player see 1st player is killing a champion (health more than 10k), should 2nd player join the kill if the 1st player is not sharing?
7. Will the player use the same rule as others? If a player doesn't share any animal, should this player strictly "no touch" other player's killing even it is a big champion?
8. If one player strictly use "no steal rules", when someone share a champion, should this player join the share?

Which one will most of the players agree it is a "steal"?

It depends on how the "coins" are calculated, if it is fairly calculated by "damage" from each player doesn't matter when the player joins, then it is ok to share the kill.
Also I see most of the players share the prey as the animals are in "open field" and no rules from the developers to stop the "sharing", the prey is not "locked" for the 1st player who starts the killing.



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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by Whyubullymedoggo389 »

I agree it just annoys me when a player FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE lol then when im killing uses a fc attack to get the last bite. :roll: lol, but i think anyone can help if its a big champ. I mean come on lol. I hate when i see someone trying to kill a champ and be like "ugh loser that was mine" or something. If its a champ let ppl help lol.
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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by PharaohSabre »

I don't define it at all because it's a stupid concept. Nothing on the map is strictly yours. Something has to belong to you in order for it to be stolen.
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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by Castiel »

In all honesty, I don't really believe in 'stealing' on this game. While it may be frustrating for someone to jump in at the last second, these people have to understand that this is a multiplayer game aka nothing on the map strictly belongs to you.
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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by BoogerWolf »

I guess if someone were shadowing another and one-shotting (killing with one attack) every animal the other was running after, I would consider that "stealing" or harassment at least. I assume, from what I have seen in game, that points and currency distribution are based upon damage dealt by each individual in a group attack. So if two attack the same animal and one person does 51% total damage to the animal and the other 49% then the player that did the most will get slightly more rewards than the other. So if someone is shadowing another person and taking 100% of each kill then I would say that falls under the category.

If "stealing", in any context, is of a great concern to anyone and ruins the experience of the game maybe someone could start a thread suggesting a solo play mode, like a campaign or even a locked solo mode identical in ways to coop but without the option of having others join.

As the original post in this thread points out, there are many ways to perceive or interpret the idea of "stealing" so maybe consider that others in game may have no idea it is a thing especially if no one tells them or asks them to stop, offering to explain why. It may be more unfair to label someone or their behavior before confirming they are even aware of what they are doing. Just saying it is obvious someone is aware without any effort to speak to them to find out proves nothing. Also, a lot of people in game speak another language and may not know any English so if someone ignores you it could simply be that they don't understand you are even speaking to them, even if you use their name they may just think you are speaking of them to others, who knows?
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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by White Fang 1 »

BoogerWolf wrote: ↑
Sun May 12, 2019 4:31 am
I guess if someone were shadowing another and one-shotting (killing with one attack) every animal the other was running after, I would consider that "stealing" or harassment at least.
I would also see this as "stealing" but most if the time I just see it as help. Or if someone is following me they just want to hunt with me, sometine they friend me then follow.
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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by undoingf »

I was not aware of steal until yesterday. did try "help" someone on last bite, with NO intention to steal exp or something, besides, that's not champ. then got message say "stop steal".

they also said the without last bite they only got much smaller exp or coin return, is that true?

It's look like lvl 50+ wolf like to claim they own the animal, I never got comments like this when I was below 50.

For me, I like coop, and enjoying prey with others, never take that action as steal, even for champ. to be more cautious when try "help" others will lost a lot of fun for me.

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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by Shad »

Yeah it’s true. Bigger servers are mostly full with solo coop players, but champs are still shared by most people. I like it that way though.

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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by Saeleatheahn »

Just had another experience of theft. Ingame I'm OldManWarDawgz, and this is my 12th reinstall since 2017, like the journey more than the destination.

Anyway, higher level wolf Attikuss(won't give clan or level) waited several times for me to engage a trio of prey then pounce on them while I took damage. I called him out on global chat, he just mocked calling it smart hunting. No it's not, it's dishonourable. Won't post screenshots I took of he and another thief, Rusty, in same room, but if he does it again I feel shaming him would be best way to stop such behaviour, and will post relevant shots and chat.

The thieving is much worse each year. It's nearly to the point where every room has at least one. These rouges forget that young kids play (I'm 49) and with the last year of isolation for many The Wolf is where they get to destress and catchup on a social life. Shame on the PREDATORS who's dishonesty and cowardice brings ill-will and disappointment to what is a good, clean experience.

P.S. I "Circle Walk" hard champs for others, often get no gem. Most are thankful. Worth doing for decent gamers. Thank y'all ( κˆα΄—κˆ)

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Re: How to define a "steal" of killing?

Post by itssBlue »

I mean regarding "Stealing". As long as you do the most damage now, last hitting/biting is not going to steal your reward. That was fixed recently :)

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