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Update me


Hey my name is Trouble.. Been playing this for literally a day... Im level 10. But i have many questionsike how do i know if im in a pack, and how do i start one.. But also need friends Id:12043129... Hit me up and let me know what the heck im doing lol


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Re: Update me

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Well for starters, there is no official pack button so the only way to get into a pack is through pack members. Luckily most are pretty nice and don't have many set requirements that are hard to obtain. You can find many packs advertising on this very forum!
Starting one can be a bit difficult but all you have to do is come up with a name, make a thread, and advertise your pack to recruit members.
You can also put your ID in your signature so you don't have to make multiple threads to find friends and others can add you/find your ID.
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Re: Update me

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You could also look for pack register threads on this forum and ask what packs are available. Just to let you know most packs use KIK a messaging app that can be found on the Apple App store or Google Play.
I can also help you start and register a pack PM me the details if interested.
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