We Need to Talk.

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Re: We Need to Talk.

Post by Fleta » Mon May 13, 2019 7:34 am

New to the forums! Hopefully I'm responding to the topic as a whole, not just to the user who posted last.

While I absolutely respect what the OP is saying, I think it's reasonable for people to politely voice their annoyance at "stolen" kills (even if that's not really a thing since technically everything is fair game). It's especially irritating when you've died several times and are running alllll the way back to your prey, you're just about to kill the thing when some random wolf swoops in and does it when the animal has hardly any life left. To me, that's in poor taste. Of course it's not forbidden and sometimes I'm sure it's not even done intentionally (people just jump at whatever and don't always notice that the animal is about to be finished), but it takes away some satisfaction and I just think it's a bit rude to purposely swoop in at the last second.

Same thing goes for champion hogging. Yeah, I said it...lol.

For many people the game is enhanced when other users choose to share the wealth by informing others of champs, especially large ones.
By no means am I saying anyone is obligated to do this but I don't see an issue with mentioning it in-game in an attempt to set the tone. If I find myself on a map where the alpha never calls and I see that people are killing champs alone, dying multiple times but never mentioning the location, I'll say, "where's the champ?" or "we like gems too guys!" or whatever. Sometimes people see this and start helping each other and it's a collaborative effort, which is great. Sometimes people ignore me, which is fine. Other times people respond rudely and when that happens I'm guilty of doing a bit of (PG-13) name calling before exiting the map. If someone is rude to me simply for having a different opinion about what's cool and what isn't, well, I'm probably gonna say something/

Anyway, that's my two cents. I prefer to play with people who like sharing champion locations (and therefore gems) and I enjoy doing this for others. I also tend to stand back when I see that someone is about to finish a kill on their own, only jumping in if it seems reasonable to do so. People who prefer this kind of game play are not doing anything wrong by voicing their preference and people who prefer not to help others are certainly entitled to play how they want, but there's no need to attack people for voicing an opinion. Basically what I'm saying is that there CAN be etiquette as long as it's understood that it's simply that--etiquette, not rules, and as long as people aren't jerks to one another.

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Re: We Need to Talk.

Post by PharaohSabre » Wed May 22, 2019 7:53 pm

Fleta wrote: โ†‘
Mon May 13, 2019 7:34 am
I also tend to stand back when I see that someone is about to finish a kill on their own, only jumping in if it seems reasonable to do so. People who prefer this kind of game play are not doing anything wrong by voicing their preference and people who prefer not to help others are certainly entitled to play how they want, but there's no need to attack people for voicing an opinion. Basically what I'm saying is that there CAN be etiquette as long as it's understood that it's simply that--etiquette, not rules, and as long as people aren't jerks to one another.
It really depends on the player, if they're relatively smaller than I am and adamant on killing the thing alone I leave my health totem nearby and continue on my way. And, I'm not attacking anyone. I'm simply addressing the fact that there are people (some of which are adults) that will jump down your throat over little stupid things like this. Sometimes to the point of stalking you up and down the map and calling you all manners of profane names. If anyone's on the attack, it'd be them.
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Re: We Need to Talk.

Post by Castiel » Thu May 23, 2019 11:24 am

Whether I share champions or not really depends on the room I'm in. If people don't use ts, then I will port and we can all share the champion. But the moment I see ts users, I just keep to private message instead and share with my friends only.

One thing that does bother me is when ts users scream at me 'port port!' and call me names and such, when they aren't willing to share themselves. I'm all for sharing, but it can't be one-sided. If I'm willing to port for the champions I find, then I expect some people to tell me about the champs they find as well. If not, then I just won't port and instead, hunt the champs alone or with friends.

So all in all I don't really care if people share champions or not. It's up to them in the end and I'm not going to disrespect them for not broadcasting their location. But if people aren't willing to share their champions, then you can't expect me to either. Regardless if I'm alpha or not.
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Re: We Need to Talk.

Post by Aaren » Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:04 pm

Okay, don't bite my tail off - I only started playing yesterday, but I thought a newbie perspective might be interesting to share with you, as I'm not heavily invested in the game yet.

I've seen very little chat in coop play. Mostly just the occasional 'hi' and a couple of requests for help that don't really aid anyone understand where on the map 'here' is.

For some reason the game keeps labelling me an alpha, and I've no idea what that is supposed to mean, so I start to make a code of conduct in my head for 'when I am alpha, I need to behave like this'. What is an alpha, in a game like this? Well, it's someone who can set up a portal for everyone else to come to one spot. Which is useful if you know it's going to take several deaths to kill one animal. When a champ sends me flying, you better believe that I'm coming back until it's dead, and that's easier if there are lots of you. The bigger animals, I can't kill on my own yet, and it's fun when a group runs together, tackling the big animals together. So when I'm an alpha, I'm looking for the bigger prey that makes cooperative play more fun to play together. I might even remember to check how many players are online and what their levels are, when trying to pick targets to share.

But this is just me making up rules for myself, for when the game temporarily bestows upon me the ability to offer other players the chance to join in with what I'm doing. That's as far as it goes. This is me creating a wolf character in my head to play. It's not very wolflike, because the game is simply endless attacking of prey and rival predators. So this is more like a rabid-wolf game, but hey, at least I don't have to worry about squabbling over mates, respawns are free, and the prey never runs out. Though sometimes I think "Didn't I just kill you? That was a fast respawn."

I can barely run in a straight line - in fact I can't. Thankfully running into rocks doesn't hurt. I slowly learnt that I only have to press 'attack' once, and that doing so would auto-run me to a target, as long as I'm in range of an animal. I'm starting to be able to spot the difference between champs and normal animals before I attack them, which has saved me some respawns, and I still think that it's weird to see a wolf casting magic spells.

It's interesting, how much difference it makes when the game turns round and says 'you're the alpha now'. It's exhausting actually. It's nice when I'm not the alpha, and I can just idle around and pounce on a few rats and rabbits. When I'm alpha, I'm always looking at the big prey and I get respawned a lot trying to judge if I should tackle something on my own without bothering with reinforcements. Yet when I'm not alpha, I look at a small herd of aggressive prey, and think, I need reinforcements and I can't call them. So it's swings and roundabouts; both modes can be stressful if I make them stressful.

My point being, that stress is in our own hands. The moment we start making up rules for ourselves, we put pressure on ourselves to behave a certain way. When we start making up rules for other people, we've already put far too much pressure on ourselves and now it's spreading to stress others out. And when people talk in a way that reminds us of RL stress, our emotions can go into overdrive.

I'm here to be a wolf. It may not be a very sane wolf, constantly attacking everything in sight, but I'm not here to be a person. I'm not here to bring my dramas from real life into the game and start talking like a boss, or a parent, or any human authority figure. I'm here to care about things wolves care about, in the limited context of this game. Like how not to run headfirst into the scenery. Like how to judge the strength of the wolves available to me, if any, when tackling prey or rival predators. I don't see people, I see wolf avatars. And they may throw ice and fire instead of simply biting the prey, but they are still wolves, and RL wolves aren't meant to be people. So I don't see people.

That's me, and how I want to play the game. It's simple, and the stress is low. That's my rules for me. Here, I don't have to think about things people think about. I'm a hunter, or an alpha hunter, and I have a map to roam and other avatars to run around it with. The rest, I can tune out. A wolf does not know what words mean. A wolf doesn't care about points or gems or magic. I hope that no matter what level I get to, and how silly some of the skills are, I will still look at my wolf and see a wolf, and think "It's brilliant to be able to play as a wolf", and never be above hunting rats and just running around the map for the sheer joy of doing so AS A WOLF. Because I can be more faithfully wolflike in how I see my environment, than the bots that control wolves in other games. I'm enjoying playing as a non-human character, and thinking about how wolf avatars should behave in other games. I'm not here to be a human: I'm here to be a better wolf, than the bunch of scripts that control the other animals, here and elsewhere.

How or why anybody else plays this game, that's entirely their business. I'm going to be a wolf in a fantasy game. No human rules are relevant to that. And if a wolf starts talking like a human, that's just a human. That's not relevant. I'm a wolf. I don't have to think about such complex things. Not here. Here, there's only the hunt. Either I get respawned, or the animal does; and I'm here to keep coming back from the dead no matter how many times I get smacked, clawed, bitten, gouged our mauled to death. As are the other animals. It's that simple.

The rest of my life, I can think about human rules and dramas. But this is my escape from all that. My downtime. And if other players make the game too human with human rules, I'll go find another sim to play, and leave them to it. I'm not here to tell anyone how to play the game. I've figured out my rules for me, and that's where the rules end, from my perspective.

And if I do make suggestions for game features through these forums, it'll be for the kind of things I would want to be available to bots controlling wolf avatars, just in a more user-friendly HUD. ;)

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Re: We Need to Talk.

Post by BOREALIS » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:07 am

Sharing champions is a very controversial topic. If I am the alpha, I do not make a portal for it unless I really need help or I'm feeling nice. However, I definitely do not think that people who find champions are obligated to share with everyone. If someone gets mad for not sharing, that's their problem. I also "steal" champions occasionally. If someone gets mad and says it's "their" champ, I just say, "Did you buy it?" That should keep them quiet. These points also apply to big animals.
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Re: We Need to Talk.

Post by Mouselline » Sun Jun 16, 2019 11:55 pm

Iโ€™ve never had a big problem with this and I am definitely not one of these people. The only time Iโ€™ve really been kind of mad at a person is because he kept saying things like kill a tiger, kill a bull, kill a cougar. I was doing fine and killed them easily until he said kill a bear and then I died. He finished it off because I got it to like 100 health. Then he said kill a bear again. I tried again and the same thing happened. I accused him of just trying to get points and repeatedly kept saying kill a bear, kill a bear. Thatโ€™s the only time Iโ€™ve ever been mad at someone but I didnโ€™t accuse him of breaking any rules.

When I was first starting the game I did often try to make peace. It was just my kind of fun and was definitely a challenge. Now I realize people join PvP to fight and I shouldnโ€™t stop that. I join the fight to now and teach my team some techniques, but no one ever gets mad about it. I usually want to go to PvP because Coop gets boring without fighting. I typically only use Coop for RP but often thereโ€™s none going on. If everybody on PvP wants peace, I still challenge them to 1v1s, to make it more interesting and when more people get on, we fight again.

Like I said Iโ€™ve never had big problems with these kind of โ€œrule makersโ€ but I can see why youโ€™d be mad. I would be too

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