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Shadow Clan (New)

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 9:57 pm
by AlphaWolf1
I have decided that I should make a clan so the information is below:

Alpha Helper-2 Wolves
Beta-5 Wolves (Could Change)
Lead Warrior-4 Wolves

What the roles do:
Alpha Helpers help the Alpha keep others in track and monitor them.
Betas help the Alpha Helpers and if requested help the Lead Warriors lead the Warriors, Hunters and Fighters and train the Fighters.
Lead Warriors lead the Warriors, Hunters, Fighters into battle and agree upon clan wars.
Warriors are the strongest unit of fighting.
Hunters help in clan wars and help the pack hunt.
Fighters are trained by Beta's to become Hunters or Warriors.
Omega's help train pups.
Pups are in training wolves that are new to the clan.

RP is aloud (And mating).
No harassment to other clan members.
Must always listen to ranks above you.

If you want to join go to this link and put the rank you want in the general chat room.