Clan Vs Clan Schedules (Scrims)

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Clan Vs Clan Schedules (Scrims)

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Clan Schedules

scrim·mage also known as Scrim for short

scrims are quick duels between two clans that wanna have a quick spar together held in a pvp server (this would come in handy if the creator wasn't lazy and got off his a** and made some changes)
the way this works is the two clans meet each other in the middle of the map , each clan having each there own side and staying on it (unbenched)
, once two sides are (mabe 15 - 20 feet or even 25 feet away) they send out one player , and they watch those two players fight. the looser (player red) once respawns cant go back in and watches till the scrim is over (which is called benched) . The winning player (player blue) stays there in the middle to fight the next player sent out from the opposing clan , if (player blue) dies this time he/she is (benched) and blue team sends out there one guy, this process repeats until there is one player alive, the last player alive is that clans victory

  • The two fighting wolves must spin to acknowledge that they are ready to fight
  • If one wolf spins and the other wolf doesnt then the wolf is not allowed to attack , until the other wolf spins
  • any type of power is not allowed to help aid there players side from benched or unbenched players
  • must wait until the player is at full health before you send out your member

still working on this topic
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