Gain fast in 1-2 day. How can?

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Gain fast in 1-2 day. How can?

Post by loneral »

This game become boring when i see unfair things like gain fast in 1 -2 day, how can collect point 2.000.000+ in two day? Unbelievable, if they buy gems impossible, because it will cost much money. I wont tell the name but i believe most of you already know this tragedy, on uk, us, or asia. Someone tell me they hack the game, use rooting application. In this game, so far many unfair things like hack critical, glitch, or anything. Just sharing, thx.

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Re: Gain fast in 1-2 day. How can?

Post by Logan »

Loneral, not sure what magic they do.. but I noticed this too.. Even some players who used to have 58++ HP now gain to 67++ HP within 1-2 days.. and the same player which I mentioned, used to use crit hack previously (noticed few times). :x

Time to time we are getting frustrated with this game.. too many glitches, hackers, unfair players (Leaving before death) and etc.. I even personally dropped an email to support team but no reply from them as well :(

Again, just hoping for the new updates to be released. Hopefully this will address all the issues we are facing right now..
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