Stuck in a room :D

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Stuck in a room :D

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Hi all !

Another post from me. You already know it's going to be a critic :D hahaha. This time i'll be mild. There are bigger holes to fill, but fix the algorithm for entering rooms. I'm getting stuck in the same room, and i can't join another one. Make it so that when you leave a room you don't end up in the same one over and over again. If its done with a random function, make it so that it excludes the one you were last in. Not a hard improvement. A junior can do it ;)

One more thing. I can't send a private massage. Apparently i don't have authority/permission to send a pm to a friend cuz i don't have enough posts. Da quack ? :D :D

Enjoy life, cuz its short! Best wishes Ducky :)

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Re: Stuck in a room :D

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I wholly agree with this suggestion. lol

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