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Re: FU exposed

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Qwik Hi again buddy :D

Listen, I’m bringing this to a conclusion. I see you are trying to play some mind games over here, but this is all beginners stuff where I come from.

“The drama is created by those players like you that can't get to us.”

It was never my intention to get to Fu. I don’t care about that. I wanted to reach out to the people. To show them first hand that there is nothing to be scared of. Don’t let people bully you. Don’t be a pushover. Fu is considered the strongest pack in usa. and I proved that you will do or say nothing. All you have left is probably chase me around the rooms. :D :D idk am I a target ? LOL

“Also, thanks for the laughs.”

You are welcome :) I have a good sense of humor I know that (^_^) This all shows that its all fun for me at the end of the day and not hatred like throh tried to implement. Anyway. I did more than enough. I don’t feel much invested in this anymore. This could go on forever. I’m a social, outgoing guy I don’t have time for this. My focus is on something else now. I won’t scare the boy anymore. I’ll leave him alone.

“Love us or hate us, just come fight us.”

I like that :) You took a page of my book :D You are a fan of me Fu Qwik I can say that :) you like my stuff. :) Yes I will come. I hope you are a man of your word. I hope you play fair. Lets do it : )

Throh at the last moment i saw you wrote some bla bla bla i won't respond , won't even read it.

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Re: FU exposed

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Since Kins can't log on, he wanted his message here too:

Dear duck..
Seems the wolf forum has become the ducky show. Forgive me if it has taken so long to respond. I generally have no interest in trolling a public forum as you obviously have a lot of time on your hands. You are lucky! 😀
I see alot off smiley faces in your posts but the condescending tone is all too evident. Look not everyone else is going to like us and we are ok with that. We are not the cool kids and this is no popularity contest.
Your missing some members in your rant. I'm sure they feel left out.
As for the 'boy' he is on vacation. But I'll b sure to tell him he can't play anymore because of connection issues.
U speak out of anger but contradict yourself saying he is harmless and doesn't bother you. So what point does this serve having a discussion that makes everyone involved including u look petty.
We all have had unpleasant experience with players we r not fond of. I've been hacked glitched and run right out of PvP before. I also know this is a game. Not everyone is going to get along. I won't mention names of these players bc it just shouldn't b handled in this manner. Again my opinion. But u know them well.
Please don't say u exposed FU. I know the forum has become what looks like a blog but every good blogger actually goes out into the world and and gives people they r exposing some kind of opportunity to represent themself. Which u failed to do. I've seen you around but you've never said two words to me yet here my entire pack is being slandered as the worst pack in your own words.
It seems u came to our server under the influence of other opinions. Afu is old news and I would have been able to inform u better of why it came to be and why it is no more.
There are so many other players to whine about but u will deny it as this post was just to single us out. I have viewed your rant and thought some were quite good. Unfortunately you aren't the first and won't be the last to hate us a a whole.but it comes with the territory.
Also, note to Illuminati,I departed from ae not because of the heal glitch issue which was a heated discussion which was resolved quite nicely. It was issues similar to this one that led to my resignation.
I am sorry for ur experience ducky. I really wish you would have taken two seconds to speak to me instead of writing an essay. It would've been handled with our 'harmless' member with respect and dignity. I have a feeling though regardless of what I or any of us say it won't serve a purpose then give u something else negative to say.

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Re: FU exposed

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Whatever Ducky, you're worthless to begin with, don't comment. But that's all fine with me, just don't come to my servers again with that flirting BS. If you're gonna treat me like a child, I'll treat you like one.

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Re: FU exposed

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Locking the topic. This is not a place for personal innuendos.