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I looked through the forum and was surprised to see that there wasn’t already a topic on in-game etiquette. The wolf has very few rules so as players we are responsible for deciding what is proper behavior and what is improper (improper in this context does not equate to hard cheating; instead, I mean to refer to in game behaviors which are technically allowed yet may be disapproved of by the community as a whole).

This thread was inspired by a situation that occurred to me in-game tonight. I will talk about this exact situation below but will not name anyone: this thread is not here to shame any player in particular but instead foster community discussion about etiquette. If you choose to reply please refrain from naming any individual players.

So I think there are some behaviors that are universally disavowed. One of these is exiting a room just prior to dying. This is technically allowed by the game but most of the players I have met despise it. Other behaviors are less universally disregarded but many still disapprove:
  • Not letting the opposing alpha howl (mark the spot) before attacking
  • Entering the game, killing everyone, then immediately leaving
  • Strong players running before about to die / never letting the opponent kill them
I think many of the unwritten rules of the game change as you get to a higher level (strong 50s). Starting out it was commonplace to prevent the opposing alpha from howling; I would do this all the time myself at low levels (5-41) but as soon as I started playing with strong players I saw that it is considered bad bahavior.

Now I would like to talk about a specific instance that occurred to me today in order to get a community interpretation. I am certainly willing to accept the fact I was in the wrong so if that is your opinion don’t hesitate to call me out in this thread.

I was on a team of 4 in PVP. All of us were level 50s with HP 6000-10000. I was the one with 6000 HP and the weakest. The opponent had just joined and they were level 50 and slightly stronger than me (we have played many times so I know). There was only 1 player on the opposing team and we were stationed close but not too close to their den. The opponent kept running out and getting creamed because the collection of us was far stronger than just the one player.

After the opponent died several times (4-5) the HP of one member on my team started getting low. The opponent had died many times but hadn’t gotten any kills. At this point my teammate teleported home to heal. The opponent ran out (while my teammate was healing) and died for a last time then left.

My teammate then asked why did they leave the game? At this point I felt i should call out my teammate for what I consider bad bahavior: preventing your opponent from ever killing you even though our team has killed them many times due to an imbalance in strength. The method for preventing them from killing you is irrelevant whether it be exiting the game, teleporting home, or running.

I dislike it when others do this to me so I said: she left because you went home to heal instead of allowing her to get a kill. This seems rather obvious because the main objective of this game is to get stronger. If you can never kill the opponent you won’t get stronger. At this point my teammate got severely offended, called me names, a little boy (I am 26 by the way) etc. My teammate even went so far as to attempt to switch teams to kill me. I know that was bad behavior but this thread isn’t about that.

This thread is about etiquette. Was I originally in the wrong to call my teammate out? Who am I to decide what is proper or improper? Should in game etiquette even be a thing? If it should, then what constitutes bad bahavior?

I would love to hear some community voices on this.

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Re: Etiquette

Post by Calamity »

There are some players who leave before death. What they don't realize is that you don't have to die to lose. I know some people can't handle dying in the game, but that's the reality of losing.

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Re: Etiquette

Post by THC ALPHA SaUc3k »

You were not in the wrong. Im alpha of THC/OG and I tell all my wolves the same. Worry about killing not trying to stay alive, show me where the game records your deaths then we can argue about how important it is not to die. It doesn't so dying is irrelevant. Focus on kills period. You were in the right in my personal opinion.

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Re: Etiquette

Post by PharaohSabre »

From someone who's played this game for a long time (Since back when green hills was the only map and TS didn't exist) This is ridiculously petty. At least in my opinion. Let me tell you why.

Firstly because as you said earlier, there are no rules against anything you listed.

I personally find leaving before certain death amusing as I see it as an act of cowardess. (Not that I haven't done it before)

Also, you called your friend out because they wouldn't make it easier for their enemy to kill them. Which is the silliest thing I've ever heard. You want a kill? Stop whining and work. And if you can make yourself more difficult to kill, by all means do it. You can't demand that anyone make the game easier for you.
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Re: Etiquette

Post by rain »

You did not do anything wrong and like most of the others said, dying is not an instant fail. I don't really think there needs to be a big fuss about this topic as you do not have to stay in the room to prove a point(although you may be called 'cowardly').

All these things that you listed are the reason why PVP is no longer that enjoyable. It may be fun to have a little challenge here and there but players running, porting back, etc. continuously make the game nothing but something that is frustrating until it get's to the point where it gets boring to enter a PVP room as there are no actual fights and is mainly focused on dodging attacks and death.

Sure, there are no rules and people can find it amusing but a death in game won't end your actual life, heart, blah. I understand that it may be a tactic some players choose and I can sort of relate as I used to do some of the running when I was a lower level wolf.

There are a few reasons why I stopped though:
1. It causes a lot of drama and hatred, creating an unhealthy community.
2. I realised that I got frustrated when others did it and that players probably were as irritated as me whenever I ran.
3. Although there are no rules regarding avoiding death, playing by the rules the community has unintentionally formed is a lot more agreeable and entertaining.
4. If you keep avoiding your hp going to 0 and the other team leaves, what points are there for you to have? You may call them 'cowards' that are too scared to fight but the irony of that is quite high.

I'm not saying everyone has to follow the 'rules' but it is more preferred within the community and the game would potentially be more harmonious.

And here are a few definitions for those who want it.
1. a person who is contemptibly lacking in the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
"they had run away—the cowards!"

1. excessively afraid of danger or pain.

2.(of an animal) depicted with the tail between the hind legs.

I do not mean to offend anyone even if it may seem like the opposite. Opinions and bias are a thing unfortunately.

Apologies for any spelling errors.

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Re: Etiquette

Post by Jimmy The Wolf »

Me and my squad are new here and we don’t care about wolf etiquette. We came to run this show.


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Re: Etiquette

Post by ellie »

I agree with your stance. Personally I will stay in an opponent's ts and such to give them a kill in turn unless (1) my team is still actively on the attack/chasing or (2) the opponent is being cowardly as you described. In that case I make them work for it. When I witness the evading/porting to den, I view it as being petty, but people will behave as they see fit. Some will agree to following with the room's etiquette, others will do whatever it takes for some kind of weird e-power trip. The strength of someone's wolf depends more on money/how long someone has been playing rather than true skill, so I don't see the point of getting all hyped or butthurt. x3

It is what it is. Leaving to find a room that better suits you wouldn't be shameful. It's just a game and you don't have to answer to anyone. That being said, when I see people showing good sportsmanship I appreciate it all the more. I find it more entertaining to compete but still be playful. Others like being super competitive. I think the game is open ended so that we can find the rooms we enjoy.
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Re: Etiquette

Post by TheWildThing »

To begin, thank you for taking the time to open a topic regarding in-game etiquette and for sharing your thoughts and/or opinions on the matter. I too am surprised a thread was not previously created to address such concerns that I am sure many players consistently experience first hand. In regards to my own opinion, I completely and whole-heartedly agree with the statements you have provided. I also do not believe you were in the wrong to address the situation and relay your own thoughts to your teammates. In all honesty, I completely understand the opposing player's feelings of frustration as I myself have experienced this quite a few times.

However, I did notice that in your story you stated that "the opponent kept running out and getting creamed because the collection of us was far stronger than just one player." My question regarding that statement would be that if you are attempting to resolve this matter and feel the same frustrations due to previous experiences, then why are you conducting these actions yourself? Why didn't you join the opposing team to provide some equality? Perhaps a change of heart after the individual left when you began to question your fellows?

Regardless, I hold a high respect for players who attempt to make things equal, be it staying in the thunderstorm during battles, switching sides to provide aid to a fellow player, or simply trading kills every so often. All in all, kindness starts to add up in the end and players will appreciate this in the future when you meet up once again and who knows, you may even make a new friend or two.

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