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Re: adults only...

Post by Wolfyone »

well until then you'r welcome too join KIT :)
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Re: adults only...

Post by Beowulf »

I myself would like to see a adults only area. If nothing but for the sake of conversation!
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Re:adults only...

Post by Joshua100697 »

How do I Join

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Re: adults only...

Post by Starleena »

I'm 26 and constantly have children under the age of 10 years old messaging me sexually. I have a daughter their age. So frustrating. I even had to warn one (8 years old) not to give his location away because he literally messaged me to tell me where he lived! So dangerous!!! I was a gamer too at that age but lordy, I guess times have changed! The most trouble I got into at that age was RPing with my "mate" in a Warrior Cats forum and her father thought I was actually a boy because of my character bio. :lol:
We need an adults only server.
If any grown ups need a buddy, feel free to add me.


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Re: adults only...

Post by Strong wolf blade »

I am 24 and hell ya adult swim I am up for it

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Re: adults only...

Post by Wild moon »

I agree, I'm adult married with grandchildren and I'm tired of young pups asking if I need a mate lol. That's not what I'm here for, nor is the drama. I'm down with joining an all adult pack.

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Re: adults only...

Post by Ayashe »

18+? Shoot, what about us old folks that are 25+! xD

No judging here. It’s annoying and funny at the same time. As long everyone respects one another & doesn’t bash on each other. I usually ignore or turn chat off, simple as that. Or can always report them too, whatever works for you.

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