invite more players to forums!

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invite more players to forums!

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The forums main profile page says a lot about someone. Particularly their age. I feel as though the forum itself needs better promotion to players. It serves as a good judication system. It shows that the mods are involved and people are watching as well as lets players connect in forms of packs or groups! it just isnt well known about to other players! i try and say something will on COOP to direct some attention here but there should definetely be an invite system where you can send players an invite to the site and all it has to offer. I feel as though the older players would especially appreciate this! What do you guys think?

I always see theres maybe 8 people online and active at any given time and i know there is more players than that! it would be nice to get a good variety of topics in here with a steady flow of conversation going!
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