Why do people roleplay?

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Why do people roleplay?

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Its when people role play that people get bullied,lose a close friend or even emotionally scar someone for life. Also people try to be mates in this game and then again with the lose a close friend that they thought loved them when they come to realize that they don't. People have been sad,confused,angry or hurt during role play. Did I mention that this can lead to online dating also it could lead to someone getting catfished and possibly getting hurt in real life.
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Re: Why do people roleplay?

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I think your question should rather be „why do people feel hurt while roleplaying“ or something like that. Roleplaying itself is not the problem. It adds Immersion and an lets the people do more than wipe out heards of sheep. Although I have to admit that it can go too far -but we got enough topics about that already-.
Now, Roleplayers getting bullied by people who utterly despise that or don‘t get it or whatever their reasons are, that‘s a story that‘s most likely as old as online roleplaying and I dare to assume that a seasoned roleplayer is (should be?) familiar with that and can also deal with it.
IMO those you talk about who get emotionally scarred by being bullied for roleplaying a wolf are kids. Most likely lonely teenagers who desperately look for some friends and so on, and there we got our problem. Now we arrived at the topic „age control“ which is also present here.
Well, so what did I want to say with all that?
I propably forgot that after half of what I blabbered, but anyway, the problem is not roleplaying, but the people (minors) who do it and can‘t deal with rejection. As their problems are not caused here, only carried on, the best thing to do is to eighter exclude these persons or set up rp-servers.
But as I said we‘re allready discussing that and I‘m sure we will find a solution.
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Re: Why do people roleplay?

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I didn’t know about this but it sounds bad. I hope a lot of people egnore them

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