Life after 50 lvl

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Life after 50 lvl

Post by heheshka »

Usually, when I reach 48 lvl, I create a new wolf and start playing again. I mostly play in pvp mode, I don’t really like hunting. So, when I reach 48 lvl, in pvp mode I meet only wolves with level 50. And, in most cases, they just stand and talk. They like to kill newbies, with one hit. I do not understand what I have to do. To be able to fight them, I have to spend a looooot of time to pump skills. And even when I reach 10,000 hp, there will always be wolves with 20,000 hp who will also kill me quickly.

For me, the best battles are when the wolf has less than 35 levels. The battle usually lasts long until you die or win, you have time to use all special attacks and to use strategy.The greater the level, the less time you fight - you either quickly kill or you are quickly killed. You have no time to prove yourself. This is not a battle - it is a meat grinder, slaughter, bloody mess.

So, is there anyone with level 50? Tell me why you like to play with such a high level.

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Re: Life after 50 lvl

Post by GreenAnan »

I don't play active anymore since what you stated and the whole grinding to get those millions of billions coins...

I play because friends bug me to play. I'm LVL.50 btw and I played The Wolf since february 2017 so it's natural to lose interest?
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Re: Life after 50 lvl

Post by Unrealisation »

Hi Heheska, I completely agree with what you said. It is true that PvP battles are much more fun and enjoyable when your level is around 5-35. Your opponents have similar stats and skill levels as you; they’re not some level 50 with 13K+ HP who can kill you almost instantly over and over again, not giving you a chance to prove your own strength.

I have two level 50 accounts. One of them is a 9K account with around 160 attack and skill levels ranging from 4 to 6. The other is a 6K with 230+ attack and skill levels 6 or higher. I consider myself strong, but there are plenty of wolves much stronger than me, no doubt.

In PvP nowadays, as a level 50, I would see a lot of people with 15K+ HP. Some of them are actually very nice, although it’s kind of rare that you would meet a 15K+ that plays nice (by playing “nice” I mean not killing you the moment you step out of your den, or repeatedly killing you over and over again at every chance they get). On occasions, I like to 1v1 other players around 10K to 17K, sometimes even 20K to 25K. They give me advice about the game and we carry small conversations here and there :)

Honestly, the most enjoyable experience in PvP for me as a level 50 is when we have “friendly wars” and all the players in my team, as well as the opposing team, have stats and skills that balance out (for example, if red team has a 17K then blue team also has someone around that HP or is as strong as the 17K from the red team). Everyone respects each other, lets the alpha from their team port before the battle starts, and each team actually fights as a pack (meaning EVERYONE in the team contributes to the battle).

Of course, I haven't been playing at all for the past couple of weeks, but those are my most vivid memories of this game =>.<=


Now with all due respect to this game, I recently have been finding it boring and repetitive. As a level 50, I've come to realize that there's no point to play anymore once you reach the max level. The only thing you can do is hunt more animals in COOP and kill more players in PvP to earn coins and gems or play with your friends. Ultimately, the more you play (or spend $), the stronger you become. Okay, let's say you're pretty strong now. Then what? Hunt more? Earn more gems? Upgrade more of your stats and skills? And then what? Get even stronger and stronger? Remember, there will ALWAYS be someone who's stronger than you.

You get my point. The cycle above repeats and repeats, until my lack of motivation and interest in the game disrupt that cycle. And unless the developers add SOMETHING for level 50s to do besides just "get stronger," myself (and I'm sure many others) will probably quit playing at some point.
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