The Wolf of Sparta (am I missing something?)

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The Wolf of Sparta (am I missing something?)

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I spared Nikolaos, but the quest info is saying that "the entire Spartan army" will now want to kill me (even though their soldiers are not actually hostile to me); in The Wolf's Fate, it says that I'm headed to Elpenor's place to get my reward for the Wolf's head (even though I never killed him), and Baranabas asked me what it was like to kill my father.

I'm a little confused; Nikolaos walked off and warned me about snakes in the grass, and now the game is acting like I killed him even though I didn't. I suppose Kassandra is going to *pretend* like she did in fact kill him, correct?...and the game is just going along with that pretense?

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Re: The Wolf of Sparta (am I missing something?)

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Are you talking about Assassin's Creed? If so, you are in the wrong forum. This site is for The Wolf Online Simulator.

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