When do you stop being a "pup"?

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When do you stop being a "pup"?

Post by PharaohSabre » Tue Mar 19, 2019 2:17 am

This is a genuine question because of some interesting events that happened to me this month.

I remember being a 7k and getting called a pup. Okay, fine.

But fast forward to 10k health and 40 attack levels later, while I'm practicing my normal greedy champ hunting habits with some randoms that just happened to be in the room at the time someone gets a little salty and their friend goes "Ignore the pup". A little confused, (11 and 12ks don't seem to get called pups) but whatever.

Shortly after that I was in PvP this month with a partner racking up a whole bunch of coin on some smaller level 50s and someone pops into the room and goes "why r u picking on pups" (these are 6/7ks) So naturally I go "Pfft I'm a pup too." And they're all like "No ur not!!1!1"

I'm just here like WHEEZE? :lol: :lol: WHAT'S GOING ON? For the most part, Pup just seems like an insult thrown at those who "act out" at this point, but then again I wouldn't know. This player base's social protocol annoys and confuses me greatly so I prefer to ingore a vast majority of it but hopefully you guys can help out.
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Re: When do you stop being a "pup"?

Post by Maple » Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:08 am

Eh, I suppose it depends on the strength of the person calling you a "pup". This remark is used for people who are considerably weaker than others and just stand out among the other stronger ones. This is probably due to pups being weaker and smaller than grown-ups who happen to be 10k+ players in The Wolf universe. People are also called out as pups due to their lack of experience with skills or attack tactics in general. This isn't present anymore in level 50 servers though, which is where I play. Nobody could have kept on playing until level 50 and still not have decent experience with skills and attacks.

As for your second example, they probably called you a pup to express how "insignificant" and weak as a pup you are to them. Telling their buddy to ignore you and calling you "pup" is probably a way of implying that they shouldn't and don't care about you or what you claim, but them even bothering to chat with you and call you names is proof for the contrary :) I of course don't know what you chatted with them so I cannot offer a specific and direct answer, but I am still offering my opinion and understanding of the concept to maybe enlighten the situation a little bit.
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Re: When do you stop being a "pup"?

Post by BOREALIS » Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:23 am

As Maple said, it probably depends on the strength of the person calling you it. For example, a 20k may see you as a pup while a 6k does not.

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