Stay in thunderstorm, for real?

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Stay in thunderstorm, for real?

Post by Hangrywolf »

It seems lot of people from pvp session compel this weird rule to everyone. These people make inexistent rule for their own good and harassing someone who doesn't obey. Tbh, I think this is really dumb and idiotic.

TS has devastating overall damage but be designed easily avoidable. Pros and cons. Seriously, If someone sprint away from it, thats the disadvantage what you need to be suffered. Can't only have advantage without effort. And this effort should be actual existent skills from the game not some freaking fake rules you made. But lot of people are just whining and complaining like little child while they don't even try to hold their opponent in thunderstorm cloud.

Please. If you want to get a kill, work for it. Instead blame and harass people.
Thank you.

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Re: Stay in thunderstorm, for real?

Post by BOREALIS »

In my opinion, it really depends. Running out of TS can start dirty wars, which really increases my adrenaline level and gives me a headache. If two people are doing a 1v1, they should stay in each others' TS. The point of a 1v1 is to kill each other, but many people do this anyway. Also, if there is an OP player who is using their strength to an advantage, it really isn't fair for weaker players to be killed over and over again, especially if the OP player is running back to their den every time. But if it's just laid-back gameplay, I'm fine with it (although I will be targeting the one who killed me).
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Re: Stay in thunderstorm, for real?

Post by rain »

In my personal opinion too(please don't be offended), it is irritating when you are fighting someone and they run out while fighting but I don't mind if they run out after you die as it is a war. I never say anything though and just keep going with however I play because as you essentially stated, the rule is community made and not official. Also, it could cause dirty wars, drama and headaches(as mentioned). For both sides(running out of ts or not), it is best that nothing is said from either of them. If you are unhappy with how a player fights, leave or just let them do them. No one controls another despite how annoying it becomes. There is also no point to verbally cause a scene in a game. It will not help with life. You have not lost life. In a 1v1, I agree with Borealis that it is better to stay in the ts out of respect. It's hard to describe that respect though through text so I'll levae it at that. Keep in mind that you do you though. You might end up with people detesting you, etc. If you can deal with that without making unnecessary drama and having a mature mindset then great. Keep doing what you do.

I also feel like the way you presented your argument was a bit harsh though. If you want someone to agree, try to refrain from harassing them with names like "children". I do understand where you are coming from though and I often think of that term when everyone breaks into a verbal battle in game.

Basically, to avoid any of this name calling and complaining, if someone harasses you, don't harass them back. Don't try to look smart. Let them laugh if they want to. After all, it's just a game and not your real life. You do you though

My reply probably contains about a thousand ironic and hypocritical remarks but oh well.

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Re: Stay in thunderstorm, for real?

Post by PharaohSabre »

My sentiments exactly. Thunderstorm and firewall are static skills. They don't move. Which means your target can move around it if they so choose. It's the same thing with howling home. I had a player call me and my team all manners of profanity because I did it once. How dare you demand that I make it easier for you to kill me? If someone runs from your TS, obviously you need a new strategy to kill them. Use something other than TS, you ninny. Or just admit that TS is your only decently strong skill and that's why you have to go "Waaaa dont run from my TS" and be a complete cry baby about it. I might consider staying in it then.

Ranting aside, I typically ignore these players and play however the fudge I feel like. They either mute me or leave. :lol:
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