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Master Animal List with Fastest Leveling

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:50 pm
by Rabbit
10/3/19 update: Today's game update fixed the partridge/stork Easter egg. These are no longer a super food.This changes leveling strategy. All other animals appear to give the same number of coins as before.

Animals Sorted by Max Coins/XP = Table 1
Animals Sorted by Highest Yield = Table 2
Alphabetized Master Animal List = Table 3

The following tables show the max coins per animal (eg the coins received for a kill shot of a level 99 animal while on premium subscription). For players under level 50, multiply this by 10 to get the max experience for each animal. The tables also show the typical health (health of a level 99 animal is not always consistent).

The Yield shows how “worth it” an animal is in terms of the amount of coins/experience received per pound of flesh. Specifically, it is the Max Coins per Health. Animals with good yield (0.5 to 1) are highlighted in green. Used with Max Coins, it can help you find the best animals to target at your level and strength.

To level up the fastest, consider the highest XP animals you can kill quickly without needing to recharge. Remember that many high-yield animals like gyrfalcons, honey badgers, reindeer, etc come in flocks and herds making them even more valuable. Using speed boost can further accelerate hunting these flocks and herds down, increasing the rate of leveling up.

Hunting large animals with a group/partner can be fun too. However, to be more effective in fast leveling, hunt with a partner close to your level and strength or with a strong partner who allows you to get the kill shots. Otherwise, you won’t get much experience/coins from these group hunts.

For example, I get more coins from soloing a reindeer than from group hunting a black aurochs. The amount of damage I do relative to the stronger level 50 players present is so low that I get almost nothing. Literally, I have gotten just a few hundred coins for my part in killing a black aurochs on many occasions.

*This is a work in progress as I search for maps with lvl 99 animals. If you see an animal I’m missing or have information to fill in, please feel free to let me know. The ones hardest for me to find so far are in Mammoth Creek. As also the early-stage animals that disappear later, like the boar, bull, and bear.
Table 1 Animals Sorted by Max Coins.png
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Table 3 Alphabetized Master Animal List.png
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