What has this community become?

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What has this community become?

Post by Unrealisation »

I’ve been on this game since 2017 when the only map present was Green Hill, healing glitch was a thing, and there was no friend list or champion animals. At 13, I’ve watched this game grow with awe and respect for the developers. But what has this community become today? Please think about it for a brief moment. I’m going to voice topics of which I believe are to be of importance and need to be addressed.

Honestly, I don’t get it. At the end of the day, a game is a game. The idea of a kill on sight list, be it hunting packs or players, is absolutely absurd and a waste of time. Yes, someone may have done someone else wrong, but is one seriously going to hold a grudge against those who have wronged them down until the end of time? What will the hunters get out of this? Satisfaction? Revenge? Is one happy to humiliate and bring others down just because they have hurt that person or someone they know in a game, where all that matters are words and numbers? Does this make the hunter any better than them?

In PvP, one or a few players play “dirty,” meaning they leave before death, spot block, howl to den, use foul or vulgar language. Calling people “weak,” “rats,” “trash,” and many other cruel and possibly offensive words, not only in the game chat but also on other social media, prominently on Instagram. From one perspective, numbers are a critical element in this game—attack level, health level, skill level, etc. So what if one player is not as strong as you? So what if they use other “dirty” tactics? While the style they choose play is not appealing, is it necessary to call them out, harass and humiliate them, to start dramas? To make them seem like less than nothing? When they play “dirty,” one may lose coins and kills, for sure. But please, remember this. There is NO RULES written anywhere on this game. NO RULES on lbd, spot blocking, running away, or howling to den. People can play in any style they wish. This freedom is both a blessing and a curse. If you don’t like the way that they play, leave. Join another server. When you play any game, you want to have fun, to have a good time. If the person or team you’re fighting against give you negative emotions then stay away from them. Why stay in that server and let them get to you when you can be off somewhere else in a different server and be having a great friendly war? You are not chained to that server. Don’t stay to prove that you’re “tough.” If you choose to leave that room it’s not because you’re “weak.” It’s because you know when you have had enough, and that’s absolutely okay.

In COOP, every animal belongs to everybody, not just to one player or the majority. Sharing makes it more enjoyable for the whole group. However, when one doesn’t share or uses thunderstorm on a group shared champion, they start to call that individual nasty names. Yes, it’s not fair that except for one, nobody else uses thunderstorm. That particular skill has the tendency to take away less gems for everyone else and gives more gems to the person who uses it. Remember, this game has no rules. The community formed these rules, not the developers. It has become a “good” social norm for the majority. You choose to follow them or not. If you don’t agree with how a player plays, you can politely ask them to refrain from doing that. But who are you to command someone to do something and calling them nasty names if they don’t “obey” you? What gives you the authority to do so? Because you pay money in this game? Because you are the “Alpha” in that server? Do understand that they are not obligated, in anyways, to share an animal or listen to you. Sometimes a player speaks a different language and may not understand what you have said. If you prefer not to share and other players are complaining, turn off the group chat or mute a specific player. If you are sharing and another player keeps using a skill on the champion that you don’t like, share it with your friends in private message instead. Or, join a different server altogether.

There are ways around everything, so be kind even when others are not. Why? If everyone focuses on what others have wronged them then this community will collapse. Everybody will be surrounded by hate, resentment, anger, and all the negative emotions associated with this game.

There is a real person behind every screen. So when you say something hateful online, someone gets hurt. Please, be mindful.

- Yours truly.
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Re: What has this community become?

Post by PharaohSabre »

Hello, I've played probably equally as long as you, I remember the health glitch.

As a "dirty" player, I completely agree. The instagram community especially is trash, everyone's either shit talking eachother over petty game drama or dick-riding themselves with wolf related art that they didn't draw and gave no credit for and hackers spent weeks on The Wolf's official instagram complaining about losing their accounts due to the update (as if they deserved to keep them anyway).

The players in this community will belittle you for ANYTHING. From not playing by their rules, not being as strong as they think you should be, even using certain skills. Traps especially get complained about.

"I target u bcuz u howl home"
"Ew a den howler"
"She's sooo weak for a 10k, Sad"
"Lol curse? Lmao pup skill, do better 10k"
"Traps? Lol weak"
I can write a book full of these.

My biggest pet peeve has to be the players that go out of their way to abuse their wolf's power to harrass players that don't play in line with their personal game style morals. Vocal comments don't phase me much, but I once had a 23k purposely go out of their way to target me and ONLY me because I used the den howl button. (I am a 10k that doesn't spend money, never have.) Not being able to get out of the den to attack the players I CAN kill but because some asshole with a God complex decided to dish out the mighty hand of justice on an "unfair" player is extremely shitty.

I think the problem is that as the years pass and the game becomes more popular, the community has become overrun with children that just don't know how to behave.
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Re: What has this community become?

Post by Ignis »

First of all I wish to applaud you for bringing up this problem in such a direct form. This has been a problem in the game for over a year and one of the reasons I quit playing, only going on to check the updates. It’s such a shame that a great game would be ruined by the community.

I am an old player since summer 2017 and were an active player for quite some time. I always tried to be polite as I lived by “treat others as you wish to be treated” even in a game. Unfortunately, I was not always met by the same attitude, actually more often than not players would curse me out for no reason. It seems like they do not need a reason to trash talk others.

Another thing I believe to be unfair is how everyone judge someone based on what pack they belong to. It’s ridiculous how two packs can hate each other so much only because of a past mistake, a rumor or one in the pack started trash talk someone in the other pack. Only because of hate they hunt down everyone in that pack no matter if they are weaker, new or unrelated to the drama.

I do hope some of the community will see your post and think twice before they start trash talking players in game.
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