The Update 1.8.1. Is it the end of COOP for me? :(

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The Update 1.8.1. Is it the end of COOP for me? :(

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Just a little addon after just playing 15 minutes moment ago..

A CC, i surely hit half of is health.. I die 1 time and came back and test by not doing the last hit.. Resultat: 0 gems.. :o

And last, as alpha, a Bear champ.. I port, hit it a 75%.. Shield 2 low health players. And a 3k kill it and i receive 0 gems.. :shock: So laughable.. Sure i kill alone some bear champs before this one and get 3 gems as always..

So... More and more i'm thinking to stop COOP and kill as fast as i can so it will show me as a bad player or a gems stealer.. :(

Is it a new way to make strong players quit the game (?) For sure being an Alpha is now a problem for me..

What i'll do.. What i'll do ??? Okok.. I stop crying about this weird update, i might even begin to mute the "tchat" to not have bad comments so i can continue playing for my own fun and alone to not have possible remorse by not helping some players for them to make may besome more xp/coins and gems..

Btw since i am here.. "Special characters" were, i think, remove after 1 year after the game came out.. They reinsterting them in this update (?) It is again less easy to decipher someone's name or else.. A list of symbols as a nick. :roll: I guess after 3 years of playing with my nick Taho.. I am also tempted to also change my nick name often. But yes no fun for me doing that unless i want to be Obi-Wan Kenobi or a lonely player, i will see. :( Anyway, i am more and more deceive about this update..

Thanks to read me and have a very pleasant day.. :)
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Re: The Update 1.8.1. Is it the end of COOP for me? :(

Post by Rummings »

What was their reason for removing special characters the first time around?

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