The Update 1.8.2. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

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The Update 1.8.2. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

Post by Taho »

I was suppose to post in the Support section but after reading the first 20 titles.. Can't do that there..

So i was "testing" about 2 hours ago this new 1.8.2 update on green hills and i have another "montée de lait". :)
As always after this post, all will return to my normal mind and i will still have fun playing the game.
If no change in future. I still think i might have to stop COOP champs as an alpha and kill champ all alone.. :(

Just to say again what i said in my last post about bad gems distribution..
Hit a champ at half health or even more and let other players finish the jobs.. Got 0 Gem!!
(i never check "coins", but it may be the same problem, Gem is more important for me.)

So as an example, a Red bull champ.. Hit half and other kill it.. Got 0 gems..
On a Moose champ and a Wild boar champ (hit them more than half) and wait the player near me
to kill it.. Got 0 gem.. Funny thing again on that last boar.. He got 0 gem too.. Is it fun or not! :)

Like i said before, i normally always get 1 gem just by touching it a little champ
and the other player always get also 1 gem. (Even after waiting 2 or 3 minutes before someone kill it)

Anyways, unless DEVS really still working on the gem distribution problem. To be an Alpha
and to "port" near a champ so other players can make some gems too.. Is not fun anymore..
Like for me, hitting a champ half health or more and retreat a little bit so other players can
make some or max gems.. Is i guess something from the past (for now).. :(

I just have a flash! If less coop or less gems with champs when hunting then yes more players might
do those Quests. Perso i find "quests" not so fun after a couple of days now. A quest at 5 or 10 gems on
every 5 quests that give coins only. I prefer kill some 6 gems champs (and unfortunately, alone now)..

So what will be the new way of playing for "alphas". For new players, it will be fun to port here and there
asking for help when there are too strong preys for them

And well for oldest players to do as many Empty RP to make champs spawn. I still wont understand players
who really think that. I am sure that if you spawn to DEN 5 times in a row, it make more champs appears. :)

Thinking of it for high health players, it may be good for them to make many RPs to distract other
players so they can kill alone some far champ they saw. Logically, no time lost for them to "wait"
for a champ to be killed. Fast kill, max gems, my room.. :)

Have fun playing the game.. I will still have fun too no worry!! :)
Quebec, Canada, Sol III

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