The Update 1.8.3. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

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The Update 1.8.3. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

Post by Taho » Fri Dec 13, 2019 2:04 am

Fun a new update and it is bigger :) Too bad not new about gems distribution..

Testing when not dying..

1 Tiger champ. I hit a little bit more of half health. A player try to finish it after he die 1 time. At the end, got 0 gem for me and no surprise he receive 0 too he said..

A Red Bull champ.. I hit it half health too.. The 2 players finish it after dying each 1 time.. I receive 0 gem, one player tell me he receive 0 gem. The other one? No anwer.. Angry? happiness? he/she don't care may be.

Someone tell me the suppose bug is may be not really a bug but possibly a way for the game to equalize gems distribution with the Quests.. If it is real.. I will cry! Just heard that make me sad.. But all is possible.. :lol:

Like i says too those players.. Try to be strong enough too kill alone any champs..

Btw, when i connect to that room and run a little around the map, i saw a bison champ and call a port.. Too bad, a 25k health player with noname# kill it fast because he following me.. Hi health players come out more often from their "home pvp" land, ruining small health payer's fun.. Its life..

Will i do a next post about if all return to normal (?) Hummmmmmm donuts.. I will see.. ;)

Have fun!!!
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Re: The Update 1.8.3. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

Post by Unrealisation » Fri Dec 13, 2019 5:40 pm

Yep, the gems and coins distribution is still not yet properly fixed in the 1.8.3 update. When sharing champions, really the only person who gets gems is the one who kills it last or has the last bite.
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Re: The Update 1.8.3. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

Post by Barabole » Sun Dec 15, 2019 3:53 am

From what I have observed, if you do not do continuous damage, the damage you do resets to zero.

So, if you kill an animal half-way and let another player finish it off, you have waited to long and get nothing.

If you die, you need to run back to the animal, and if someone else kills the animal before you get back, you get nothing.

If you kill the animal, die, then come back, and the animal is still alive, you can still get gems. But if you do not get the last bite, you will get a very small amount because the original damage you did before you died resets, meaning your gems are only counted for the damage you did afterwards.

If there is a group of players who all attack an animal with no deaths and all damage done is continuous, you get the proper amount of gems.

I feel like this may be an intentional result of the quests. Say you have a quest to kill five aurochsen, but you are not strong enough to kill one by yourself. Before the update, you would be able to go around the room, damage any aurochsen, and if a larger player finishes it off, you get the kill. But after the update... that will not work.

Just a theory, and I very much hope I am wrong. I used to love sharing, but not anymore.

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Re: The Update 1.8.3. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

Post by Taho » Mon Dec 16, 2019 9:39 pm

Yes Barabole. All you just said reflect my toughts in french. I was missing words in english to tell or express all those things i dont really like now. There's too many.. ;)

Yes.. It was also one of my way of "SHARING" with other players.. Hit a prey half health, run away, let others player finish the kill and 2 or 3 minutes later when i receive the max gems. I was happy and sure they also get gems, etc.. Now the "SHARING" idea is dead if ever gems distribution dont return to normal! (Well, what is normal? For me it was normal sharing, for some other players, surely something else) :roll:

In the same path.. If sharing is gone. Then COOP is also gone.. Since a couple of days.. The only way for me to get 15 gems on a "CC" is to hit it enough, retreat enough to not be attack by his breath, retunr etc.. And well waiting for that CC to be 3 to 5K of health and give some final hits.. Not caring if many of those other players get nothing in return because they have die in the hum, coop thing.

Anyway, i have no fun doing that but. I begin to live with it now.. As for being ALPHA.. I prefer now to quit that room or resetting my play and return to 0 coins as soon i'm Alpha. So i can hunt alone (using the map/radar/gps thing) and do most champs alone.. Bye bye COOP..

Does this game evolves (?) For DEVS or the Swift apps i'm sure it does.. Anyway, this Wolf game will be fun what ever it turn out. :)
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Re: The Update 1.8.3. Nothing change in Gems distribution :(

Post by yakuza » Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:19 am

Hello! Barbole observation is really impressive as it describes how things work, and (fun fact) this is how it was supposed to work from scratch, but because of bug it didn't. We fixed it, but because of different reason and... here we are. So this change was not intended and we'll revert it to behave as it did before update, but we want at the same time to change rewards distribution on COOP to actually promote cooperation instead of discouraging it. So next update should bring notable changes in this matter.

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