Hey, I'm new here

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Hey, I'm new here

Post by Speedyscout122 »

I'm new here (altho I've been playing the game for pretty long), and I wanna make some friends :D
Here's about my wolf..
[Current?]ID: 1851947 [don't add me without asking me first here, please]
[Current]Breed: Arctic
[Current]Name: Starseeker
Gender: varying, normally female
[Current]Level: 25
[Current]HP: 1,757
[Current]Speed: 44.22
[Current]Damage: 80
[Current]Atck Speed: 27.55
[Current]Defence: 24.06
[Current]Crit chance: 12.59
[Current]Hunted animals: 474
[Current]Killed enemies: 412
So that's the basic stuff 'bout Starseeker!
Anyways.. Byeee! S'yaa next time :3

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Re: Hey, I'm new here

Post by Terrorus »

I would love to be your friend

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Re: Hey, I'm new here

Post by AspenLeSheep »

Welcome to the forums o3o


please call me aspen.


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Re: Hey, I'm new here

Post by BOREALIS »

Hey, welcome to The Wolf Forums :)

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Re: Hey, I’m New also

Post by AriOKami »

People call me AriOkami - my current lvl is 13 my breed is a great wolf and if you want to add me my ID is 1157339, if ya wanna add me just ask I will prob say yes, some people may think I’m mean but I’m not people just don’t give me time. I lOVE to rp lol and most people once they get to know me will think I’m halarious lol. I’m just a funny furry :)

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Re: Hey, I'm new here

Post by Riu »

Hello, and welcome to the forums!

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Re: Hey, I'm new here

Post by Aura »

I'm known as Aura very new to this game, still getting the hang of it. My current level is 8 so far. My ID:2399785. Feel free to Add me I don't bite lol. Would like some new friends :)

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