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Post by Abaddon » Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:40 am

To any new players. DO NOT SPEND A SUNGLE CENT ON THIS GAME. Heck don’t even play. This game is full of hacked and modded accounts that you stand no chance against. Swift seems unwilling or unable to put a stop to it so you are wasting your money and/or time with this game! Wish I had known how bad the hackers were before I played and spent $$$ to upgrade skills.

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Re: Hackers

Post by BOREALIS » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:49 pm

Most hackers are put in a hacker's server. Are you stuck with them? There may be an issue and you might have to email the Devs.

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Re: Hackers

Post by Wicca Rose » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:30 am

Hackers got wiped in latest update but a few modders still remain.

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Re: Hackers

Post by Jamguy » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:20 pm


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