***XAP LAWS***

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***XAP LAWS***

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1. Pack tags must be worn at all times.
2. No foul language.
3. No harrassment.
4. Kik is required for Special Forces Ranks.
5. Kik is required for Beta Ranks.
6. No visitors in ~Pack Chat~.
7. No innapropriate content in ~Pack Chat~.
8. Alphas, Betas & Special forces must check ~Pack Chat~ daily for classified information.
9. Omegas must check ~Wolf Forums~ weekly for *Pack Updates*.
10. Do not attack fellow pack members in PVP unless you have both agreed to it first.
11. Do not attack (Pack Allies) in PVP unless you have both agreed to it first.
12. Recruiting is permitted.
13. Only Alphas may issue ranks.
14. Rank changes will be done every Friday.
15. Elders have permanent status unless they quit the game.
16. Pack tags must be worn properly (rank included).
17. XAP imposters are to be executed on site in PVP. (No clearance needed)
18. It is the responsibility of the Betas to oversee/report on the behavior and conduct of the Omega & Puppy population.
19. It is the duty of the Special Forces to Seek Out/Destroy/Kill Block all XAP Imposters as well as other Specified Targets at the order of XAP Alphas.
20. Only Alphas/Executioners may Brief & Debrief Special Forces.
21. Account sharing must be approved by an Alpha or Elder.
22. Banned members that refuse to remove their tags are considered imposters.
23. Cussing is allowed on discord
24. All members must be age 16 & up to register in Pack Discord.
25. The Executioners are in charge of all Special Forces movements.
26. The Warden is in Charge of Pack Chat and all Beta movements.
27. Omegas are responsible for the overseeing of all pups.
28. Members of are not permitted to hold an *Alpha* or *Co-Alpha* position in any other pack.
29. Innappropriate language or content on the kik, wos or discord server will earn a warning. 3 warnings is grounds to be banned from the wolf pack and/or chat server.
First ban is 3 days. Second ban is a week
Third ban is a month. If there is a fourth ban.....its permanent. This is the law for everyone.
30. Code Enforcement is responsible for the proper tag carriage of all XAP Wolves.
31. Wolf Resource Officers are responsible for keeping a log of all current member id's for reference.
32. All XAP members must submit their Player ID's to Code Enforcement.
33. Ranks must be worn in KIK Pack Chat.
34. RECRUITERS have the responsibility of enlisting new wolfpack member and making sure all their information gets submitted to Wolf Resources, Code Enforcement or an Alpha Wolf.

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