Swift Do something About The Cheaters!!!!

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Wicca Rose
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Swift Do something About The Cheaters!!!!

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Yes, y'all did a update and banned several hackers and modders. But you didn't get all of them. Many had multiple accounts already set up in case you banned one. I am a paying customer and I won't tolerate having to play a game with cheaters. You refuse to respond to customer support, forums and fb. Fix the game or I'm taking this matter straight to my play store to get a full refund of every penny I've spent on your game. I've contacted you many times regarding this matter and you wont fix your game properly. Fix game before you get sued. You have a obligation youare not fulfilling!!! You just send them to Hacker hell...They come right back to normal servers! Ban there damn ip addresses!

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I am Groot
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Re: Swift Do something About The Cheaters!!!!

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IP address bans won't help as IPs can be changed. Even banning a MAC address will ban a device that is being used but that will just slow them down. Catching all Hackers and Modders is a very complex issue. Even a game as huge as World of Warcraft still has issues of Hackers. Just to throw a number out I would say maybe 90% they will be able to stop but 10% will have a work around no matter how complex the software is to stop them. I for one have seen a huge decrease in Hackers and people with mods. I still get one hit by a few people but I don't think they are hacking more so their build. Some people have played since day one and spent a good amount of money on this game and are OP but nothing wrong with that in the big picture. I personally just find a new game where people are more even to my stats. I've only been playing a month but I've put a good amount of time on the game already and I think I'm fairly strong compared. I get that people are getting frustrated as I was too but since this last update not so much anymore. Personally I would like it if we could make rooms and set to invite only and once we get the people we want then the host of the game can lock down the room so no more people can be invited. I think that would curve a vast majority of the frustrations people have in all aspects of the game. Then even if the huge role players wanna make a room just for their role play friends, they can and that would stop them from being bullied from people who don't like the full on role play style that some like. Just my opinion...

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Re: Swift Do something About The Cheaters!!!!

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I also do not believe IP banning to be a proper solution. Actually, it isn't a solution. Also, Swift Apps will not deny players a chance to play legitimately neither. I commend them for that. Also, they've made progress. Progress takes time and therefore, patience. People are never satisfied, with each update comes with complaints. Then again, is there even such a thing as a perfect update.

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Re: Swift Do something About The Cheaters!!!!

Post by Terrorus »

How do they cheat

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