Next big update?

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Next big update?

Post by Wolfbanegod »

When is the next big one? I started last October an missed a lot from the years before of playing . Im ready for new prey an maps. Maybe some new skins. Maybe add ons to old maps like extentions of the map. But im ready for new things in this game. Ive suggested i combinations map. That puts Primordial, tropical, and fantasy into ome map. Im looking forward to new heigths in this game. I love it. And i want to sed what more they can do with this gaming.
Maybe the Magic Wolf will apoear. But hey who knows.

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Re: Next big update?

Post by rain »

Hopefully updates that you mentioned, that bring more interesting factors to the game and not things that make us have to grind more.

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Re: Next big update?

Post by Quarantine »

How about for a way of balancing they add skills that take skill to use.
So it's not just about the power you have, but also the mastery of skills...ranked in stars or paws (for theme)
So even the best most strongest wolf will still be challenged when using said skills
Words words words

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