Opinions on Survey #5 Questions

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Opinions on Survey #5 Questions

Post by Unrealisation »

What do you guys think about...
  • Items that give boost, such as clothes, armor, helm,...?
  • Dinosaurs as enemies?
  • Tropical animals?
  • Fantasy creatures such as monsters, dragons,...?
  • Playing wolf on PC/MAC/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation/XBOX?

Here’s my take:

#1 Items like those would be cool and funny, but it also takes away the natural representation of a real wolf. I think as long as the devs keep it minimalistic and not go crazy with the clothing, these items can actually be pretty cute. If the devs do add this feature, it would be great if some items cost coins and not being overly expensive. I’d be interested in seeing holiday related accessories that we can purchase (Halloween, thanksgiving, valentines, new year, christmas). It would be cool if some of those purchases contribute to a greater cause, such as charity.

#2 & #3 I’m all for the introduction of dinosaurs and tropical animals in the game. There are so many species of dinosaurs that a map dedicated to them would be absolutely fantastic. Tropical animals are cool too, but I hope it’s different from The Tiger.

#4 Again, fantasy creatures take away the natural element of the game...I’m not sure I like this idea

#5 YES. That’s just awesome 👏🏼

Overall, while these new features are somewhat okay to exciting, I think it’s the game mode and coins/gems distribution that make a difference in the player’s experience. You can add new accessories but if it’s too expensive no one will enjoy it except the players who spend money. You can add new maps but over time it won’t change a thing if the champions give little gems, especially in group hunting. A major change to the game would be a new PVP mode—one that requires player to actually play instead of standing around and complaining when someone kills them.
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Re: Opinions on Survey #5 Questions

Post by Skyres »

I voted for the natural items for this one, it would be nice to have some decorations such as leaves and antlers, but sunglasses and and cloth kind of takes away the realness of the wolf and make it more like a dog. I hope those items are small and don't cover up the whole wolf or maybe only one item can be worn at a time, going into a room like a dress up party and fancy clothes is horrible in my imagination.

#2, 3, 4
Yes and it would be nice if the dinosaurs and fantasy creatures are really strong and require teamwork to kill and give gems as rewards? Teamwork should be teamwork, those animals should be extremely strong so even strong wolves can't hunt alone and get mad when smaller wolves join them.

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Re: Opinions on Survey #5 Questions

Post by Miamimanisgod »

I would just like to keep it as real as possible.
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