How does the health attribute increase hp?

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How does the health attribute increase hp?

Post by rain »

I'm a fan of predicting my attributes and what impact they're gonna have, so I would like to know answers to the following:

(Would specifically like to know for when you're lvl 70/max)

1. Is there a set amount of health per upgrade
2. Does current health level influence how much hp you get per upgrade

Any help would be appreciated
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Re: How does the health attribute increse hp?

Post by Quarantine »

I don't have a detailed answer to answer all questions but...
- Health attributes affect your health more than simply going up lvls
- health attributes increase your health more as they climb just like attack starts off by increasing by 1 point in the early lvls than by 3 when you're at lvl 80 plus and so on, exact numbers I don't know but health attributes add health in proportion to its lvl as well...I'm sure there is an algorithm for it but I haven't figured that out
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