Bigger game

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Bigger game

Post by Turborogue1922 »

Is there going to be this game for other platforms like PC or consoles (playstation/ xbox)?
Im wondering so it could fit more date in the game, like more friends and maybe even a live chat. :mrgreen:

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Re: Bigger game

Post by wind7418 »

It's not going to happen...Although this game is an awesome game, but developimg ability of this company is not good enough to build so many platforms, and there are still so many isusses in this game including:

1. If phone pops up a notice or a messege, game ad finishing , and temporary leaving the game, "The wolf" gets reloaded. That's really annoying!! I almost quited this game because of this reason.
2. Latency issue. There're many asia players including me, the latency is horrible here especially in pvp, charasters dispearing all the time.
3. Game content is not enough, I think most of players might quit this game in few days, the only thing could be done in this game is keep killing animals...nothing else, I can't keep playing this game for more than 30 mins, cuz I fell asleep everytime. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Whatever, I still love this game so much, I would keep playing it for weeks for sure.

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