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Update Ideas

Post by Ervin »

I believe wolf is a very great and interesting game if you stick with it. My opinion is that they should allow us to send points and gems to our friends and my other opinion is that they should Allow us to to make payments on our skills. For example, If a skill cost lots of gems and you can’t afford it all at the moment, we should be able to give what we have into it until we can afford it. This is just my opinion :)

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Re: Update Ideas

Post by Bluestar_lover »

I agree that we should be able post share gems and points with a friend.

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Re: Update Ideas

Post by SnoDragon »

I think the IDEA is neat, but all good ideas come with a price. People would share points and gems with their smaller wolves, or 'pup' accounts, and this would lead to whomever has the strongest big account with the most points and gems saved up. If maybe there were restrictions, like you can only share things the same level as yours, or within 5 levels, and you could only share a limited number of points in one time with a cooldown, then I think it would be a cool idea.

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