Gem and Currency rate?

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Gem and Currency rate?

Post by samfirecracker »

At what rate are gems earned to level 50? How bout wolf currency? Any ideas?

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Re: Gem and Currency rate?

Post by SANNA »

I was just thinking about this a minute ago! Each time you level up you get gems as a reward, however I am unsure of how many. Roughly, I think it’s something between 30-80. So, by the time you’re level 50, you’ll definitely have more than 1500 if you’ve never spent them. As for coins, you earn them by killing opponents in pvp, or defeating animals in co op, so it really depends how many you will earn :mrgreen:
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Re: Gem and Currency rate?

Post by BOREALIS »

As of now, after reaching Level 50, the only way you can get gems is by buying them. You can still get coins after you MAX out.

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