which attribute(s) should i upgrade?

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which attribute(s) should i upgrade?

Post by aloevera »

i have been saving coins and gems since a long time and im going to upgrade the attributes and skills once i reach level 50. im currently at level 49, and my attributes are :-
health 50
defense 32
attack 50
speed 33
the skills that im planning to upgrade are frozen claw jump and thunderstorm. after i have upgraded these two skills to the max, i'll think about the auras and totems. my question is, which attributes should i upgrade and to what level? are there any other skills that i should upgrade instead of the two mentioned above?

~ av :)

Way To Be Stronger
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Re: which attribute(s) should i upgrade?

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I think, at first you should max Speed and Defence. Then, attack is the most important. From skills, also Damage Boost :D it will make your other skills stronger ^^

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Re: which attribute(s) should i upgrade?

Post by itssBlue »

Doing the above myself, maxing attacking, keeping HP low and going for maxed DB, but you should also play the style you want to :p it's all about having fun the way you want!

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