PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

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PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by TheWildThing »

Hey guys and gals!

I just wanted to open a little topic that I have been pondering about over the last few months. As a level 46 player, I just wanted to get some thoughts about the current PVP situation I have been noticing over the past while. From my understanding, after reaching a certain level, you begin to be placed with level 50 players in the PVP arena. However, as a level 46 player with only 4,600 HP, this can seem to be a daunting task as you try to battle those with 7,000 to 12,000 HP. I find that each time I enter a room, that is all I am matched with these days and often times I get frustrated with the un-evenness of the game and associated stats of the players. Usually with one hit from a thunderstorm bolt, that's curtains for my character. After a while with no progress, I eventually venture to Co-op, which is also equally as frustrating, because I use to absolutely love PVP and working together with players! I understand that many of those on my team are also high level players, but when push comes to shove and the opposing team wants to pick on a little ole' level 46 such as myself, I receive no help from my own team and end up having to continuously switch rooms trying to find individuals that are willing to work together with all team players in order for lower stat players such as myself to receive EXP points to further the development of our own characters. So, my conclusion statement is, does anyone also feel my frustration as you reach those 40ish levels? Tell me your thoughts!

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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by VALDR »

I just got to level 45 today, and I have been experiencing the same exact thing. I spent so much time in coop so I could be strong enough to play PvP, I played for a few days and loved it, then today, get to lv 45 and I'm dead constantly and getting no kills. There's no way possible to compete with 12000 health when I don't have a quarter of that. I love the game, but I'm getting bored of coop and if I can't play PvP, well, this will be just one of the many games that I uninstall and forget about. I hope there is some kind of update coming to fix this. I really want to keep playing, but not if I don't stand a chance at moving forward and I'm just playing to get wiped out.
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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by goldenlynx16 »

This happens to me too, which is why I stopped playing the game for a while. I’m a level 45 wolf with 3,600 health, and I keep getting placed in servers with level 50 players with 6,000+ health. I have to go through many servers to find some with players that have the same level as me, and it’s a bit annoying. It would be better if there could be another group of servers (maybe 45 to 48?) so we don’t have to be stuck with players who are much more stronger?
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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by L2S »

It doesn’t get any better at lvl 50 tho. I haven’t been able to play PVP since lvl 36 really. I’m lvl 50 with just under 9k HP and still get taken out with 1 hit from a lightening bolt. I keep playing co-op to max out my attributes, but I’ve learned that I can’t hardly do that either. There’s always 1 or 2 big guys who run around stealing everyone’s kills in 1 hit. I’m left with the feeling that I either need to drop a few thousand to lvl up skills or just quit. Those of us who have only been playing 6 weeks stand no chance against those that have been playing over a year :cry:

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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by SANNA »

Unfortunately, your only option is to play COOP. Even some level 50s struggle in PVP servers, as they are also unable to kill players because of their high skills and attributes. On the bright side, in COOP, if you are on a team with level 50s, and they are nice, they will help you gain experience and level up. Good luck!
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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by AU4 »

I agree with you all and I have been through all this myself. I guess with this new update where you can talk to either “team” or “all” things are getting better. Talking helps and there are nice strong players around who understand and care for weaker players.

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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by Lag00nz1 »

I used to be the same way and would barely go to pvp, so I would just spend my time in co-op and level up which was hard with people stealing my kills but I was so eager to get lvl 50 and once I did and became stronger I would play pvp often and now pvp is basically all I do now lol, co-op now gets me kinda bored now after a while.

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Re: PVP and Stats ~ Let me hear your thoughts!

Post by SkyAngel5290 »

I'm a level 50 player who's used money to upgrade. I can understand your situation and fully sympathise with you. We've all been where you are now, lower levels fighting against bigger and stronger levelled players. The only advice I can give is keep hunting or pvping and upgrade your attack and health. If you can't find a pvp server in one region, try the other two and if all else fails, give pvping with lvl 50s a try--not all are as strong. And if that still doesn't work, try Co-op and just working on getting your attack up. Even as a level 50, it can be hard fighting against others because there will always be someone stronger than you, no matter what level you are. Just keep trying and don't give up. There are many level 50s who understand what you're experiencing and will either go easier on you or won't attack you.
I'm not sure if I was any help, but that's all the advice I can give here. Have fun playing. :D
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