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Attention developers

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I reached level 45 today and now PvP which I used to love, is a waste of time now. All I'm matched against are lev 50 players with 9000 to 12000 health. I stand no chance of gaining any experience, and am just giving experience away to the opposing players. At this point I'm probably going to be done with this game very soon. Lev 50 players should all be in their own PvP class so the game doesn't suck for the rest of us. I would think that would be at the top of your list for an upgrade, as I know alot of players have quit due to this severe unbalance. I'm bored with coop at this point, which leaves two options, 1. Wait for an update, and 2. Uninstall. Those are really the only options. And I know, if I have high lev players on my team it will balance out, FALSE! I am not playing so everyone else can gain experience while I just tag along with the pack and die. I have VIP and I'm still not getting anywhere. Please fix this, it's a great game and I loved playing, just isn't much fun at all now.
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Re: Attention developers

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even some lvl 50s cant do a thing against other lvl 50s. majority of the game these days depends on your skill lvls rather than attributes, so balancing teams by lvl isn't really useful

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Re: Attention developers

Post by bdc »

I remember when I first got to level 41 (a couple updates ago they changed from 41-50 to 45-50 grouping) and joined the level 50s I thought the same exact thing. I even made a thread about it somewhere here.

Basically you have several choices:
  • Don't play PVP. As a level 40s player, or a weak level 50 player even, PVP won't be much fun for you so stay in COOP.
  • Play PVP, but get stronger in COOP first. At least get to level 50 and max your defense and speed (at 60). Even so, you will not be strong. My wolf has max defense and speed, health ~115 and attack ~155 and I am still not THAT strong. It takes many months to go from level 46 to where I am at, even if you play every day.
  • Buy gems and upgrade skills. This will allow you to beat similar ranked players and weak level 50s. You still won't be able to touch strong 50s until you upgrade attack a lot (130s+). Most super strong players purchase gems and some spend a LOT of money ($500+... the most I have heard someone spend is $1500). You must pick your skills very carefully if you go this route. Try to find discussion on PVP skills combos. There are many ways to have a good "build" so there isn't any one killer combo. If your goal is to be the baddest wolf out there, plan to spend a lot of money. If you are OK just being decent $100-$200 goes pretty far.
  • Abandon your wolf and play over. My girlfriend does this and I do it with her even though I have a strong wolf. It can be fun because you can experiment with different skill combos. One time I only leveled venom + damage boost + poison nova and another only frost bite + damage boost + frost nova. Both times I was extremely strong because I only spent gems on those skills and didn't even unlock the others!
Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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