Why are there so few animals...

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Why are there so few animals...

Post by Theseus »

I used to spend a lot of time in Co-op everyday grinding to level my wolf. (I much prefer to co-op to PVP)
So I paid a lot of attention to animal density and the point spread of a room.
These new rooms are awful for getting points, I was wasting most of my play time running around searching for the animals.

I don't mind that the animals are harder to kill, that just adds challenge to the game, but co-op has stopped being a viable strategy to for point generation.

For players who role play or just want an easy distraction the new Coop setup is great, but it cost over a million and a half coins for me to level attack once at this point and it would take me forever in the new rooms get that many points.

There needs to be about 5-6 times as many animals in the new Coop room.
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Re: Why are there so few animals...

Post by jerimyxd09 »

Yea, its harder for us the 50s to get points either. Normally 200k in 1 hour now 200k=4 hours

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Re: Why are there so few animals...

Post by Pita »

Totally agree! Very disappointing "upgrade" and aggravating. The scenery is fine but I would've put up with the old version rather than lose prey volume. It also costs me over a million coins for 1 level up. I only play with VIP but even with that, at this rate it is not worth the time and effort required now.

Hopefully something can be done about this. It's a great game but I'm about ready to call it quits.

It would be great to hear some response from the developers so we know if we should wait for improvements or sadly throw in the towel.

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Re: Why are there so few animals...

Post by Tissuepaperpet »

I'm only at lv 5 and already seeing repeat animals.

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Re: Why are there so few animals...

Post by Talha »


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Re: Why are there so few animals...

Post by yakuza »

I'm not really sure what was motivation behind the scenes, but in any game that involves interaction between players, it's obvious that in-game economy is refined all over again with each update. I believe that devs are trying to optimise experience for all players, so obviously some always get hurt.

I believe we should wait, and only thing that is constant in free-to-play game is change. My wolf is not that levelled up, but at least now I feel game is challenging. There is not enough things to do, but I'm sure more is about to come.

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