Wolves of the Elite

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Wolves of the Elite

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Warriors of the Elite -- WE, is looking for more pack members!

As one of the three joint admins of this pack, I'd love to welcome new members into Warriors of the Elite. We have around 6-8 members already, though there are a few pointers I'd like to make clear first!

  • This pack has high levels, from 30-50, but LV 25’s will be accepted.

  • Please be over 13 years old.

  • There won't be any hacking, cheating, misleading, harassment, or trolling of any sort.

  • Sexual content, suggestions, photos or videos aren't acceptable.

  • Be respectful to pack members and non-pack members, or contact a pack alpha if a problem is brewing.

There are three pack alphas, level 49 Wolfarine, level 39 Airla and level 40 Yuko. We're all on fairly often.

If you have any questions or wish to join, contact us via The Wolf Forum, or Kik!

Kik info:

Yuko: Yuko_WhiteWolf
Wolfarine: Wolfarine_FS_Alpha
Airla: Airla47
ทαмє: τriρℓє ʑ/ʑєє
gεหdεя: uหкหσωห
ℓєvєℓ: 50
i∂: 104256
αℓρнα σƒ вrєєʑє vαℓℓєy
ทσ мατє

ყσu รнσułd หεvεя judgε ค cяεคтuяεЪყ ¡т'ร cσłσяร

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