Switch the Payment Methods

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Would you be okay with this switch?

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No, it’s fine as it is.
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Switch the Payment Methods

Post by SoldierKatniss »


I’d like to suggest possibly switching the payment methods for the Mega Boost and the VIP/Premium status. Make the Mega Boost require gems (I’m thinking between 100-200 gems per activation — players are already earning the gems for the quests/killing champions so this would essentially be another “reward” when they earn enough, or they can choose to purchase gems to further the progress), keep the other regular boost free, and then the VIP/Premium be $1.99-$3.99 per month. I know that people are probably getting the Mega Boost more than the VIP/Premium, but it just kinda makes more sense that way to me.

The Normal Boost/Mega Boost would still only be available after the player also completes 10 quests, that way in case the players don’t have enough gems, they still get to use a boost of some sort.

Players — Who would be up for this? Vote! :)

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Re: Switch the Payment Methods

Post by itssBlue »

Interesting suggestion honestly. Will put it on the log with the rest :)

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Re: Switch the Payment Methods

Post by SnoDragon »

You already can pay for premium, just go into the gems store and buy enough gems for it. Honestly I like the fact that I don't have to spend my money, you can just work hard for it. Makes it feel unique to other games
Dragon is yes

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