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Custom Skins

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:48 am
I’ve noticed that a lot of players want custom skins to come out, so I thought over it and had some ideas.
If someone uses a wolf with a custom skin, the wolf’s profile picture would be hard to create. The profile picture of the wolf is the realistic picture of the wolf that shows up on the top left corner of your screen with your HP and XP and shows up on the leaderboard. An easy solution to this is either just a silhouette of a wolf of a multicolored wolf.
Some players may create suggestive or inappropriate designs on their skins. The Devs/moderators would need to approve the skin before allowing it to be used. It may take a while for approval if a lot of people make designs. If the design isn’t approved of, the player who created the design gets a refund.
The cost would be outrageous. If the Mighty Wolf costs 2000 gems, a custom skin would probably cost around 3000-5000 gems. However, if custom skins came out, the Mighty Wolf most likely wouldn’t be as popular, so its price could be reduced. The Mighty Wolf could cost 1200 gems (same as 30-day VIP) and a custom skin could cost 2000 gems. People who bought a Mighty Wolf for 2000 gems could get a refund of up to 800 gems.
Paying 2000 gems to create a custom skin immediately allows you to create a skin. If you want to make a new skin design, you have to pay a smaller number of gems (maybe around 200-500) per design.
Designs can be made by importing pictures from your camera roll/photo library. As an artist myself I understand that creating a design on a good art program and then importing it would be better than using a low quality in-game art program.
After designing a skin, players can sell their skin designs to other players. The designer of the skin can sell a certain number of copies (5-10). Both points and gems can be used to buy skins depending on the seller’s preference. There could be a “tab” in the “Social” section saying “Skin Shop” or something of the sort. This is where players can view and buy designs made by other players.
If I think of anything else I will add on to this.

Re: Custom Skins

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 10:20 am
by rain
I agree with everything said above. It would be pretty cool to be able to fully customize your wolf although there will be some more issues and some more suggestions:
  • The game is based on a realistic wolf, so allowing people to have a large colour palette(greens, blues, etc.) may interrupt the game play the creators were thinking of. Although it would make players happier, it is still the creators game. Maybe there be a limited amount of colours.
  • Generating wolf models with custom skins may be laggy. However, this may not be an issue for some.
  • Image sizes may be an issue if was allowed. People will find it frustrating that they need to resize, etc. This is not a large issue, but still one.
  • For profile pictures, maybe there could be an in game camera which allows you to select background and wolf posture.
  • A limit of how many skins you can create would also be a good idea. In order to create a new one, you would have to delete one or maybe archive a skin. It would reduce the amount of spamming in the skin shop.
  • To submit a skin to the skin shop, you will need to spend points OR be accepted by a mod. This would reduce the amount of spamming as well and decline inappropriate skins.
  • Naming skins and giving descriptions should be possible. Since every wolf breed has a name, why not your creations? Of course, inappropriate words could not work(although people might use alternatives like spaces). Customs could appear in the first tab after the other wolves(when you press the arrows.)
  • Tattoos/symbols could be another option. People would create their own or use in game ones. This would allow packs to have something that represents them. There could be a choice of positioning the tattoo wherever or having a default position(such as the hindquarters).
I believe that's all I have to say.

Re: Custom Skins

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:14 am
I agree with these ideas. I may have to object to the first one though, as the game isn’t the most realistic one you’ll find out there in the first place. The wolves can already do supernatural things, such as freeze their enemies, poison them, and summon thunderstorms. Other than that, you have some really good ideas.
Also, the in-game camera for the profile picture is a good idea, but the art style would be different, because the already-existing profiles have more detail than the wolves in the game, as they are basically just 3-D models.
I really like the idea of a small tattoo/accents. I’m assuming you would have to choose a wolf and then put the tattoo/accent on them because the design doesn’t cover up the entire wolf. There could be a small option saying “custom design” or something. This is where you could choose the custom skin/tattoo/accent. There could be different prices for them. For example, since the skin covers up the entire, it would cost 2000 gems. The accent covers up some of the wolf, so it would 1750 gems. The tattoo is just a small mark so it could cost 1500 gems (or maybe less since it’s small).

Re: Custom Skins

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:23 am
by A.Good.Username.
Another option would be instead of fully customisable skins you could edit the colour of already made skins.

< Expanding on what I just wrote instead of fully customisable skins you would be able to change and edit the colours of already made skins, so the unique colour placeage for the skins would stay the same it’s just the actual colour used which would change.>

For example you could have the base of a skin of a wolf but with different colours. I will list some reasons on how this could be an alternative to fully customisable skins.

- This would make it so there are no inappropriate skins but players would still feel like they have there own original skin.

- By implanting something like this there could be a set amount of colours to chose from so would not have bright pink wolfs running around ruining the aesthetics of the game.

- Mighty wolf and great wolf would still be valued it’s just the unique place of colours the make it significant instead of the actual colours- in some ways this would in fact make it more important.