Skill Suggestions: Poison Breath, Poison Trap

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Skill Suggestions: Poison Breath, Poison Trap

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1. Poison Breath
Fire Breath & Freexing Breath
These two things exist now, but they don't have toxic properties.
It would be nice to have Poisson Breath.
We breathe out Poisson Breath from afar and have a superimposing effect.
Or if it's different from other breaths, it's okay to spit out as short and as far as snakes spit out poison.

2. Poison Trap
It also has fire and ice properties, but there is no Poisson.
It's not much different, just installing traps and the animals around you get infected with poison.
If there's anything I want personally, Effect would look great with a skull like Poisson cloud.
Or how about spreading out in snake form?
Or how about this effect?
If you set up a trap, several snakes will jump up and bite the animals.
It's to infect.

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