If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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I have quite a few suggestions. Might be a long read lol.

There should be more free skins available in game. Main free skin that should be added is a brown wolf. As for the paid skins there should be a nature wolf, a thunder/lightning wolf (will look like the fire, frost, and poison wolf but the scars will be shaped like lightning and will be yellow), and maybe a cursed wolf (similar to fire, frost, and poison wolf but with purple scars).

Since all the elemental skins in game have novas it would only make sense to add new novas for the new skins.

Lightning/Electric skills that should be added:

Lightning skills will stun enemies; the max stun will be anywhere from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds. Stuns do not stack, so say you run into 4 stunning traps at the same time you'll only be stunned for 2 seconds not 8 seconds.

Lightning Nova - Maxed will stun for 0.5 seconds or 1 second; maybe similar damage to Fire Nova

High-Voltage Trap - Maxed will stun for 2 seconds; same damage and cooldown as Explosion Trap and Freezing Area Trap; should be a yellow trap

Electrifying Breath - Will have a chance of stunning and will only be able to stun once; maxed chance of stun either 20% or 30% with a max of 0.5 second stun

Stunning Claw Jump/ Stunning Overhead Claw - Maxed will stun for 1.5 seconds

The stun time can always be changed I just thought it'd be more fair to make the max 2 seconds otherwise it'd be too overpowered, specifically in PvP.

Nature skills that should be added:

Unfortunetly haven't thought of a Nova or Jumping Claw for this category. Obviously they should be nature based just not sure what they would look like.

Cyclone - basically a breath form of Hurricane

Thorns/Thorny Trap - a trap that deals damage to all enemies in range with an animation of thorny vines wrapping around the enemy; possibly have it trap the enemy for 1 to 2 seconds similar to Root Prison; similar damage to Explosion Trap and Freezing Area Trap; it could be the same shape as Explosion Trap but it'll be made up of branches with leaves (terrible explaination, I apologize, idk how to explain it better)

Cursed skills that should be added:

Not entirely sure about this category. This is based off of Accursing Bite. I think it'd be cool to have other "dark magic"/cursing skills. These skills should be purple.

Poison skills that should be added:

Poison Claw Jump/Poison Overhead Claw - just a poison jump skill

Poisoning Breath - the damage for this skill would need to be worked on as I'm not sure how it would work but I definitly would love to see this skill in game

Poison Trap - deals damage and poisons all enemies in range; same damage and cooldown as Explosion Trap and Freezing Area Trap

Skills that should be buffed:

Overhead Triple Claw - should at least do around 900% damage maxed; jump claws should do a decent amout of more damage

Fire Breath - should do similar damage to Freezing Breath

Poison Nova - either the inital damage needs to do more or the poisoning effect needs to do more damage or both, that'd be nice

Those are my only suggestions. I don't have any map/animal suggestions, just the skills/skins. I hope these have a possibility of being added to the game.

I know updates don't happen overnight, hopefully these will happen in the next couple of years but understandable if it doesn't.

Thank you for reading all of this; sorry it was kind of long.

(Not sure if anyone is gonna see this but if someone replies I most likely won't see it or reply since I'm not on here much)

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Re: Skins/Skills

Post by SnoDragon »

Cool ideas
Dragon is yes

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Re: Skins/Skills

Post by WolfPawer »

Nice use of ⚡ skills. I think there should be a cursed fire which is a black fire trap the inflicts the curse effects when u walk in. It should be similar to how mud works just inflicting the curse effect but in appearance be a black and purple 🔥 similar to how the aurchs champion uses his fire mud ability.

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