Pack system and other ideas

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Pack system and other ideas

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I have seen this in the suggestions a couple times and I would love to see it soon in game, a pack system, where when u reach a certain level u can join or create a pack, the system could include a pack chat, ranks, and maybe a few benefits, for example to receive extra exp and coins from playing in the the same room as a pack member, this way you could also help your pack members grow stronger. The pack could have a limit of 50 members and only the alpha and beta could accept members into the pack.

Other future ideas, that would be fun but not fully thought out:
* Wolf customization, to make ur wolf more individual
* Another skill tree, which includes increase stun resistance, freeze resistance, poison resistance, decreased skill cool down etc.
* Pack wars, if pack system exists, pack wars would be great, a few times a year a tournament is held, where packs fight each other to prove which pack are the strongest, and then prizes are given out(gems and coins). For it to be more fair, different tournaments could be held for weaker, low level wolfs to have a chance to win as well.
* Animations, to make the game more alive.
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