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If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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All Ideas

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I’ve had a ton of ideas for the game over the past few days! Here they are.

Ideas for The Wolf:

Roleplaying Servers!
-You can kill other players and hunt prey, but you don’t get XP/coins from it
-You have the option to be a pup
-Co-op hunting maps
-All levels

-Creator can make different ranks such as alpha, beta, delta, etc
-Choose whether its request to join or anyone can join
-Pack chat
-Kick members
-Choose whether you can attack each other in PvP or not;if you can’t, you can request to attack another pack member if they are in the same server
-Join a pack member in any server if request is accepted, no matter their level
-Pack tags next to the player’s name
-Change pack name

Daily challenges!
-Every day, there’s a new challenge for upgrading stats, kills in PvP, etc
-Depending on how hard the challenge is, get diamonds for completing them
-The more days in a row you complete them, the more diamonds you get

Custom servers!
-Choose whether it’s invite only or not
-Choose the game mode
-Choose level range (if any)
-Choose map
-Creator of the server is in charge and can kick players from the server
-When the creator leaves, the server is deleted or the creator picks another player to be in charge

Single player mode!
The same as the normal game, but not online. CPUs can be the other wolves in PvP.

More wolf customization!
-Choose from pre-made wolf skins (the ones already in the game/new ones to come) or customize your own wolf
-Choose pattern/markings and colors of the wolf
-Choose to add other things, such as scars and chipped ears
-Choose wolf size (not a very large range)

Block players!
Exactly as it sounds;make it so that they can’t join the same server as you, see your friend ID, or send any messages to you.

Better chat system!
-Mute all chat, including death messages and players joining/leaving the game
-Improve the filters of chat
-You can choose to mute death messages, player chat, and/or players joining/leaving the game

-Gift your friends points/gems that you have but lose those points/gems yourself
-You can gift them with real money, and the sender gets a small reward too

-Contests for everyone in the game or certain level ranges
-Things such as most points in co-op hunting in a certain number of time
-Only happens occasionally
-Winner gets a great prize, such as maxing out a certain skill or 50 free upgrades to the player’s attributes
-(Another prize idea)An exclusive wolf skin that is stronger in every attribute than normal/the same thing but with the wolf skin you already use

Freeplay mode!
-Invite only
-No XP/coins from it
-All maps available, both co-op and PvP maps
-Switch to any map whenever you want without affecting server
-Spawn any animal you’d like
-Spawn “wolf dummies” that you can give certain health/defense/level that’s the same as a normal player
-Great for testing your strength and skills
-After death, you choose to continue or spawn at a certain spawn point
-Go to any of the spawn points whenever you want
-Choose if animals spawn naturally or not

-Doesn’t affect gameplay
-Depending on the season it is in real life, the game looks different, such as leaves falling from some trees and leaf color changing in autumn
-Weather conditions such as rain and snow happen
-In a thunderstorm, it looks and sounds different from the skill thunderstorm and lightning doesn’t strike unless it’s in the sky
-Day and night cycle that shows real-time how light/dark it is outside based on where the company headquarters is

Another suggestion- give cooldowns for the skills of prey animals, such as 15 seconds until a white rhino can stun for a second time.

Have a nice day to whoever is reading this ^^

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