Ideas For Game Improvement

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Ideas For Game Improvement

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Hi there!
I have some ideas for the improvement of the game that I have been thinking of for a while now and I wanted to share them with everyone.

Day and Night
The day and night feature was an update that everyone was super excited for. I personally love the night time! But it is kinda short as are all the times of day. I think having the time of day transitions slower would add a more natural feel to the game. My idea is every 24 minutes would be 24 hours with slower time of day transitions to add a more natural feel to the game.
Moon Phases
Another thing that I think should be a big part of the game is moon phases. During the night the full moon is always beautiful but having the complete transition of the moon phases on each night would make this feature much more. A wolf game is not a wolf game without the moon phases!

An important update to follow the day and night update would be weather of course. Rain, snow, etc. Snow would be limited to the Tundra map and the Christmas Event obviously. But rain would be open to all the other maps on a random timer with a long enough span to have a natural feel to it. This would also affect the wolf as well. When it snows the snow would be seen on the wolf's pelt until fading away after the snow has stopped. When it rains the wolf's coat would look wet until quickly drying after the rain has stopped.

Poses and Actions
The wolf moving as it stands still was an update I was very excited to see. It makes the game seem that much more natural and realistic. But I think there should be more actions and definitely poses. Ears twitching is a big one I have heard many people talk about. It would be an automatic action that would happen as the wolf stands still. But optional actions that can be controlled at will would be cool, too. For example: Sitting or laying down and the wolf staying like that forever until the joystick is moved would be a big one. Chasing it's tail, rolling around on the ground and shaking it's coat would be temporary actions that would return the wolf to the standing pose after being completed without interruption from the joystick. I think being able to express the wolf with body language and actions would be a very big step for the game but would add a lot more personal feel as well as that realistic touch!

Personal Customization
The different wolf skins are all very beautiful and unique but having more detailed customizations for the wolf would definitely make the game a lot more fun! An assortment of eye colors, scars, ear notches or torn ears, collars, etc. Having customizations like this would add the personal touch to the game that everyone has been wanting! Some customizations could even cost diamonds such as wings or a skull face...

Personalized Howls
I couldn't beg for this one more! Personalized howls for each wolf! It could be choice based where the howl is chosen for the wolf by the player or each wolf skin has a howl they share with that same wolf skin and each wolf skin has a different howl. This would add personal customization to the game more than anything else!

This is a long shot and an update for the future of the game. I've heard so many people begging for pups to be added to this game more than anything else. I am well aware and understanding that pups is not the direction of this game, otherwise, it would already be a feature. The main point of this game is hunting and battling, not finding a mate and having pups. But I would be interested in a feature to play as the pup version of each wolf skin. Obviously, battling would be off limits to pups, skills and running as fast as the adult wolves would all be off limits. It would strictly be for roleplaying and enjoyment purposes only. But I do think it would be a cool feature to see in the game in the long run some day in the future. Pups could even be an experience that costs diamonds to have. Where to go with this idea fully is beyond me considering the main purpose of this game, hunting and battling. Being a small pup does disable from... well... most of what the game is... But with the right developers and enough time and hard work I'm sure it could be a feature added to the game in some way or perhaps not. But it's still cool to think about!

Eating and Drinking
With running around and killing... well... everything... A wolf gets hungry pretty quickly. There's a water source in every map so thirst would be a thing, too. There could possibly even be a hunger and thirst bar to take care of as long it doesn't deplete within minutes as that would quickly get annoying. It could slowly deplete and if neglected health could also slowly deplete until death where respawn would happen or speed would be limited until the hunger and thirst bar are cared for again. This feature would add much more to "living the life of a wolf!"

Thank You For Your Time!
This is just a handful of ideas I have but I wanted to share them with everyone! I have been with this game since it first came out and to see how far it's come is almost emotional! Every day the game grows more and more popular and updates more and more with new features. I remember how excited I was when the update for Premium skins first came!
Juicy Peach

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