More game modes

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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The Once-ler
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More game modes

Post by The Once-ler »

First of all, there are too few game modes. So, here are some ideas!

1. Capture the Flag
The same with PvP Arena, but instead of killing players, you capture flags. In both team's spawn points, there will be a colored flag with the color of the team. You can also kill enemies and players. If you capture the oppose team's flag and you bring it to your spawn point, you get a point. The one from both teams that has the most points will become the alpha. It will use the map from PvP Arena.

2. Non-respawn
This is a bit simple and extreme. Its Co-op Hunting but you can die only once, and if you die, you cannot respawn until you leave the server. It will use the map from Co-op Hunting.

These are all my ideas for new game modes. Hope the game creators see this!

Wolf of Lullaby
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Re: More game modes

Post by Wolf of Lullaby »

Individual wolf play :mrgreen:

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Re: More game modes

Post by creamalamode »

I like this idea, but I wouldn't expect it from the developers anytime soon because it would change the game almost completely.
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Re: More game modes

Post by kiyote »

i would love capture the flag, there def needs to be more game modes. but it might make the amount of players on each mode/map a bit thin since there'd be so many places to go, so it might be hard to get a full team. maybe make them open on certain days? like capture the flag one weekend and then another mode like Tag the next. and it could switch back and forth.
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Re: More game modes

Post by TheNightsWolf1 »

:| I don't like the only redrawn once but It will be separate right so the original and the new is separate I mean and capture the flag I'm yes and keep the original too ,yes also is it possible to become All max out player?

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