Donation,wolf size,server and in game match.

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Donation,wolf size,server and in game match.

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1)The donation for largest gem pack should have discount or 2 times bonus for first time buyer and once charged Will have a special sign beside character name like a fire sign and that differentiate from being a hacker and a donator.

2)Have contest to be it on Facebook like a post to win gem with most unique picture.

3)Points for gem pack"s are too costly. 500,000 points for 4,000 gem and others pack are. I can easily hunt 20,000 points in less than an hour.

[*] Wolf growth.
4)And each level grow In size. (:

5)Game server-I would like to suggest having different type of server for example server 1-Europe. Server 2-Asia and so on.(:

6)Currently game server is lag some time,when I am moving my character and especially near to enemy,if I lag will die. And if battery low,swipe down often will disconnect from game and join,re-join and join again some time in arena will automatically exit game,kindly fix this.

7)Time of the server in game.

8)I will suggest arranging the level of player by 10 at most be it in non-arena or arena mode as it is unfair and at certain level,points increased and attributes,having a level 26 vs 2 level 40 aren't fair as some player may quit,some may play even harder like me or some might donate to win.

Based on my experiences so far that I experienced and observed.

[*]Just a suggestion from YourLover,to change game to be much more fun and exciting after these updates! :-)

Have a nice day all. ;)
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Re: Donation,wolf size and server.

Post by Xena »

Good idea, really good work with all of the details :D
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Re: Donation,wolf size,server and in game match.

Post by AlbertoJVD22294 »

1) I totally agree with this suggestion as I am really likely to purchase a first time purchase promotion. Specially if its gets recognized by an icon of sorts, or maybe the more you buy it could be a rank system like other games have and unlock certain items or something that doesn't offset the game balance, like cosmetics!

2) It's good.

3) Not sure how I feel about the current prices yet.

[*] Wolf growth. This is a great idea, also I want to have like elemental skins and have them scale with level, like some games have, I will include a picture that's a representation of what I mean, BUT NOT LITERALLY, its a silly pic.

5) I am fine with the servers.

6) I agree some notifications like battery low disconnects you from game, I hope it gets fixed :)

7) Time is not important for me.

8) Matchmaking: OMG I am level 26 and I get matches against two level 40s, even ONE level 40 and that's just insta murder for me, would love to see a matchmaking rework.

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